Dim Sum at Palette Tea House

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Dim Sum at Palette Tea House

There is a new guy in town at Ghirardelli’s Square and it is modern and artful – seemingly created for the Instagram age. Give a huge welcome to Palette Tea House. This huge, 450 seat restaurant (!) echoes charming Chinese themes, in a gentle way. Red and yellow geometric lighting, metal dividing walls with laser cut lotus flowers and a Zen garden all contribute to the lovely vibe.

Dim Sum at Palette Tea House

Tomatoes – you do know that dim sum and Instagram share some things in common don’t you. (I know we are all on Instagram now right?) The obvious, of course, is the photogenic nature of the bite-size Chinese morsels which were, like Instagram, invented for the purpose of sharing. The chef, formerly with Roys and Campton Place turns out small plate after small plate of plump and pretty delicacies just begging for their photo op. Black truffle wagyu rice crepes, abalone sticky rice…baos for days. Oh so delish. And then there are deep-fried charcoal taro puffs molded little black swans – they are ready for their close up. http://www.Paletteteahouse.com

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