Discovering an Established Restaurant on the Upper West Side

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A few months ago, my dear friend Fern told me about a restaurant she had happened upon that became her new favorite place. “I have to take you there!” she proclaimed.

Never one to turn down a restaurant invite, following a super busy summer for us both, and to celebrate my birthday from back in May, we made a plan to go this past week.

It was a rainy, swampy night, but that did not deter outdoor diners at this Amsterdam Avenue eatery. Why? Because this lovely dining establishment features massive umbrellas that could fit a small group underneath and they will never get wet.

The place is Salumeria Rosi on Amsterdam, and what makes this restaurant unique is that right up front, there is indeed a salumeria, a counter where you can purchase traditional Italian cured meats and cheeses, breads and olives. All the things that are so delicious to start a meal.

Discovering an Established Restaurant on the Upper West Side

The restaurant portion itself is quite small, with a petite bar area in the middle of the space, tables lining the wall and a few in the middle, and the aforementioned outdoor seating. We had an early reservation, which was wise, because by 8 PM, every table and every seat at the bar was taken.

There are small plates and larger ones. But I love the idea of tastings.

Definitely order their delicious peaches with homemade ricotta, mixed with honey, nuts, and mint in a balsamic reduction. Just outstanding. For a spicy complement, Piatto Laterale features olives, spicy peppers and artichokes. There is sausage, also homemade, and a lovely Manzo (steak) salad made of an incredibly flavorful and tender skirt steak. Pastas are on the menu, a great “verdure” (vegetables) selection, specialty drinks and a wonderful wine list.

Although it is not a new restaurant, it is a find for me. You can dine from noon on, with the salumi counter open at 11. Salumeria Rosi also serves brunch on weekends.


Salumeria Rosi, 283 Amsterdam Avenue and 73 Street.

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