DIY Tips for Manis, Pedis, and Removing Your Gel Manicure

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DIY Tips for Manis, Pedis, and Removing Your Gel Manicure

Okay Tomatoes. If you’re looking at your nails and feet right now in horror, here are some new DIY skills you can learn while you are staying home. We have tips from top pros on how to remove a gel manicure, and how to give yourself a manicure and pedicure. And all the products you need are available in the grocery aisle, the pharmacy, or online at Amazon.

Safely Remove Your Gel Manicure

Here’s a step by step article from Harpers Bazaar. And check out this video that shows you how to remove your gel manicure without damaging your nails.

10 Steps to a DIY Manicure

Glamour Magazine provides step by step instructions for giving yourself a manicure.

And here’s a video.

Tips for a perfect pedicure

Three salon pros give their tips on to give yourself an at home pedicure.

And here’s a video.

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  1. May 18, 2020

    […] Tomatoes, it’s time to start venturing out. So get your tooties looking nice (yes, you can do your own pedicure) and grab a pair of flips flops that are great for walking too. And a new pair of shades will look […]

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