Don’t Fade Into The Walls

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Don’t Fade Into The Walls

Would you suggest painting the walls white, and consider your client’s home or room done?

That’s the exact question I once posed to one of my clients who is a decorator.

Here’s the backstory. Her business coach suggested as part of growing her business and self-confidence, she work with me on ‘redecorating’ her wardrobe, and be sure what she wears is sending the right message to potential clients.

When we worked together, she told me she only wears black and doesn’t wear accessories.

Naturally, my eyes widened and for a few seconds, I was speechless. 

I mean come on, she’s a decorator. A person who is all about adding style, personality, and interest to a space…and that’s when I asked her if she tells her clients to paint their walls white and her decorating advice ends right there.

She told me that when it came to putting together outfits and using accessories, she was sort of stuck in a rut.

The reason behind her inability to dress in a way to showcase her talent and creativity was because she was feeling unhappy with her appearance, and didn’t want to bring any attention to herself as she was feeling and looking insecure. However, in her attempt to ‘disappear’, she was losing the opportunity to feel good about herself and portray the confidence to others of her ability to do her work well.

Here are a few suggestions to inspire you to get creative with your wardrobe and not blend in with the walls around you.

1.Use the addition of scarves, jewelry, shoes, and handbags to show your creativity, personality and also bring out some of your best features like your eye color, hair, and skin tone. Too many people pass up the opportunity to show off their baby blues, greens, hazels or browns.

2. Pass on the all-black outfit, unless you add color with those accessories I keep talking about. When you regularly choose to wear all black you literally disappear into the crowd. Oh, and it’s not true that wearing black makes you look thinner. Wearing the colors, style, and sizes that fit you best will definitely make you look thinner, taller and dare I say…younger.

3. Leggings and short tops belong in the gym and not on the job, street, or in a store or restaurant. However, with a longer top, thicker not thin workout  leggings are a great casual outfit that can quickly be transformed from casual to dressier simply by changing your shoes and adding an accessory or two.

4. Wear clothes that fit the body you have now, not the one you long to have. This means don’t wear what is too big or small. All that ever does is make one look bigger, which is so not what you’re going for.

You’ve heard how it takes just a few seconds to make a first impression, so you know making the right one can make or break a career or first date. It also can build or deflate one’s self-confidence.

Oh, and my ‘white wall’ client, well you should see her now. She started adding color, interesting jewelry and scarves to her wardrobe and not only increased her self-esteem but also her business. No more hiding for her. 

P.S. I may have created an accessory loving stylish monster, and we both couldn’t be happier or prouder.

Scarlett is a personal wardrobe stylist who works with women who are sick & tired of not knowing what to wear for the bodies and life they now have. She shows them how to stop stressing about dressing and ends that deer in the headlights look many women get when opening their closets trying to choose what to wear. She works virtually and personally with women all over the country and is known as Wardrobe Stylist who gives women the ability to look and feel CONFIDENT. Get more styling tips at

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