Don’t Make This Shopping Mistake

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I feel the need to share with you what I always tell my clients:

Do not buy multiples of the same top, dress, skirt or pants.

It can be tempting when you think you have found the perfect fit or style, to buy a few in different colors or prints. I see this in almost every closet the first time I work with a new client.

End result, way too often you will have multiples of the wrong fit, style and color.

As your body changes, what was once your ‘GoTo’ look, is no longer looking as good as it used to.

Think about how much money you may have wasted when you discover that you got caught up in a very common situation:

Replicationitis. Def. The inability to realize that you keep buying and/or wearing similar clothes over and over again.

An additional issue, is that your wardrobe is very limited, and you basically look the same in every outfit and you most likely have BORING outfits and wardrobe options.

You won’t have a manageable closet if you keep buying what you already have, and squeeze it in along with all the multiples you no longer wear. Sound familiar?

You can’t improve or change your look by buying the same thing over and over again.

No matter what size your closet or wardrobe may be, knowing how to organize it will allow you to have more choices and peace of mind. Check out my Closet Organizing Guide to transform yours.

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