Election Eve: Food, Wine, Healing

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Finally. In just a few days the national nightmare of this circus we have been calling an election will take place. What will happen on November 9? Will the country come together, no matter the outcome? Will divided households and ravaged friendships be mended? How do we move on from the vitriol that has been splashed all over Facebook feeds and other forms of social media? The only way we can start the process of healing is to come together in community. And when I think of community, I think of breaking bread and having delicious food and wine.

Election Eve: Food, Wine, Healing

On Election evening, you can do just that at Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant on West 44th Street. A wide screen television will be set up to view election night results and commentary, while a sumptuous buffet will be offered. $37.50 plus a cash bar.

I truly believe good food and beverages help to bring people together. So, let’s eat!

Go to: www.etcetcnyc.com

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