Elegance at Birdland Theater

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We need some elegance these days…

There’s a new place in town, ideal for an intimate, clubby, elegant night full of quality entertainment. And this spot is just steps away from the grand daddy of all clubs, the legendary Birdland. That’s because it is literally downstairs from Birdland, and it is named, quite appropriately enough, Birdland Theater.

Elegance at Birdland Theater

Happily, I was invited to attend the press launch party last week, and after descending the stairs, was delighted to discover a lovely spot that reminded me of a speak-easy, a throw back to a swanky time. Previously a processing plant we were told, this newly renovated theatre space is un-fussy, with sleek appointments.

Elegance at Birdland Theater

The fabulous Jim Caruso, (host of “Cast Party” every Monday night at 9:30 PM at Birdland) accompanied by the insanely talented Billy Stritch, hosted a mini-cabaret, showcasing some of the outstanding talents who will be performing at Birdland Theatre. We heard some wonderful singing, trumpet playing and were even quite thrilled by a young, talented tap dancer.

Elegance at Birdland Theater

Billy Stritch at the piano accompanying Broadway star Max von Essen.

Max is currently appearing in Anastasia on Broadway, and you can catch him in an intimate performance at Birdland Theater on Oct. 29.

I literally smiled throughout the entire abbreviated show, enjoying a glass of champagne at a table close to the stage. The bar is delightful, the backstage area sports a really cool lounge, which is very nice for the talent to utilize (although I want to host a party back there!) and the entire vibe is upbeat, relaxed and very much a testament to what New York clubs should be.

An evening at Birdland Theater is truly a complete night out, as you can enjoy drinks and dinner, see a show, and feel like all is good in the world… at least for a little while.  https://www.birdlandjazz.com/


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