Enjoy Italy’s Street Food in NYC

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Enjoy food and wine popular in the piazzas throughout Italy…without going to the airport.

Enjoy Italy's Street Food in NYC

Did you know that throughout the world there exists an explosion of street food specialties that foodies seek out? The reason street food has become so popular is that the items offered are unique, authentic and specific to each region of each country.

Because of this exciting trend, celebrity Chef Vincent Tropepe (Culinary Hall of Fame inductee) has gone on a little virtual journey around Italy to explore the kinds of street food that represent certain regions.

With that in mind, Chef has curated a menu featuring street food from 8 provinces of Italy, and has paired the food with 4 Italian wines to create a special evening titled, “Cibo e Vino delle piazza d’Italia!” translated “Food and Wine from the Piazzas of Italy!”, a dining event celebrating  Italian street food and regional wines.

On Thursday, July 25, I’ll be hosting and producing the evening which will also lend support to the No More Fear Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing services for LGBTQ individuals who have been persecuted in their own countries. A portion of each ticket will be donated to the Foundation.

Enjoy “strolling” through the “Italian piazzas”, feasting on foods from various Italian provinces, including: Venice, Le Marche, Rome, Sicily, and Puglia, with endless wines offered from four regions, at the sleek upstairs room at Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant, 352 West 44 Street in Manhattan.

Hear a conversation with wine expert Frank Ferraro, and listen to Chef Vince talk about the foods he prepared and the regions from which they are derived.

Enjoy Italy's Street Food in NYC

Wines courtesy of Cellier Wines Distributing. Italian specialty cocktails and full bar items available for purchase.

There will be two “strollings”: 6:30-8 PM and 8:30-10 PM.
The ticket price for the evening is $95 including tax, tip, wine and donation.

For tickets go to: http://bit.ly/streetfoodandwine

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