Enter to Win a Pair Of Bbrazil Athletic/Leisure Leggings

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Comfortable, stylish, vibrant, fantastic. Pretend you are living the Brazilian life when you put on a pair of these incredibly well fitted leggings. (Winner will receive a pair selected by BBrazil in your correct size!)

Ok Tomatoes, confession time. Some days I wear my work out clothes all day. It’s true. If I haven’t had a particularly sweaty workout, they turn into athleisure wear. Now I have found the most comfortable and stylish leggings created by two young South Bay tomatoes transplanted from Brazil. Liz Nisenson, owner and founder grew up in Brazil and wanted a career in the US that allowed her to work from home.

Taking her love of fashion and her passion for Brazilian culture she created her unique line. Just like Brazilians, the line embraces a love of vibrant colors. The fabrics are sourced from and hand sewn in Brazil and Liz and her partner Mari design each one. Providing jobs for Brazilians and keeping work conditions and the environment positive is of the utmost importance. I love the laser cut designs, the crochet work and the most incredibly soft fabric. Don’t forget to enter to win your own pair! For more info: www.bbrazil.com


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