Feng Shui Master Secrets

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feng shui master secretsFeng Shui teaches us that Heaven, Earth and Humanity energies need to be balanced to attain health and prosperity. These energies are called the “three gifts of energy” or the “San Cai.” Since I am a visual person, I actually like to think of these Feng Shui energies as a sandwich. The top slice of bread is Heaven, the invisible Chi. The bottom slice is Earth Chi-the Chi we can see. In the middle is the human experience. The relationship between these three layers is the arena in which the Feng Shui practitioner orchestrates this artful science. The energies of heaven, humanity and earth must be manipulated so that all three interact with each other like a beautiful song.

Tomatoes, we all know some people who have turned to Feng Shui as a last resort -when they are down on their luck. The intuitive art of Feng Shui offers remedies for business and personal lives to increase income, wealth, love and health. I would like to share the secrets of the masters with you. Take note and you just may get exactly what you ask for! For Tomatoes only!! I would like to share with you a core principal of Feng Shui that is often overlooked in the western world.

Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches us that we have a measure of control over our lives and that by using Feng Shui techniques we can balance Chi and maximize good luck. However, it is generally agreed by the masters that Feng Shui only works if you are a person who also lives by this short list, which I have named “The Three Points of Honor.” These are:

  1. Educate yourself so that you have clarity in what you think and do;
  2. Understand that we cannot control fate but can create opportunities; and
  3. Undertake good deeds consciously, as an act of free will.

Every Tomato should check this simple but profound list before, during and after incorporating Feng Shui into their spaces and projects. It is important that your core persona be aligned with these three principles, because they are vital to having the best human experience possible. You can move some furniture around and clear out clutter from you space. These are all good steps to take! However, if you do not live with honor, Feng Shui may not work at all, and certainly will not be as powerful and lasting.

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