Frozen in Previews Now on Broadway

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Last year, I was on a plane across the Atlantic on an overnight European flight with a lot of time on my hands, as one often has when flying across the pond.

Perusing the movie options, I came across the movie musical  Frozen, the huge animated hit that captured the hearts and imaginations of kids (especially little girls) nationwide. I was curious to see what this film was all about.

Expecting to watch the first twenty minutes, then move on, I was surprised to find I was quite intrigued by the characters, the story line, and of course, the music.

I was moved by this animated film and the story of the two sisters in an arctic land, who are driven apart, and come back together.

Frozen in Previews Now on Broadway

Photo credit: Deen van Meer

So, I was thrilled to learn that the animated film would be brought to life by Disney Theatricals and arriving on Broadway this Spring. Frozen, The Musical, now in previews, officially opens on March 22.

“Let It Go,” sung by Broadway icon Idina Menzel, is the song we all know from the movie musical. But wait. There’s more!  This stage production features twice as many songs as in the film, which won Oscars for Best Song and Best Animated Feature in 2014.

Doing a great job of keeping Frozen fans engaged, the producers are releasing videos of new songs weekly, written expressly for the theatrical production.

Listen to the new song, “Monster”, sung by Caissie Levy who plays Elsa.

I can’t wait to see Frozen on stage, experience the ice effects and all things frozen, and, of course, hear the new music.

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