Gael Greene – Just in Time

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Dear Friends and Family,

I was meeting fellow adventurers for dinner at Oceans on Second Avenue February first. I’m not sure exactly what happened except that the taxi stopped at the Southwest corner of 19th Street. And moments later I was lying in the gutter asking a bystander to call an ambulance.

I woke up in a busy quartet of rooms at Bellevue some days later after surgery for a crack in my pelvis. Many zip codes away from Fairway and Citarella. I slept a lot.

Did you notice that I’d disappeared?

Gael Greene - Just in Time

After three months of physical therapy at Amsterdam House, I moved into a pretty little room at Atria West 86th Street senior residence with two windows on a grey courtyard, a Pullman kitchen, a sweeping tv screen and an alternating duo of aides in uniform treating me like a wounded bird.

Friends sent flowers and books, dinner from Jean-Georges and home-baked bread. Three people sent peanut butter. I’ve been reading a book almost every day and hoping to walk soon without a walker.

Gael Greene - Just in Time

I dream a lot…vivid dreams…mostly fun and adventurous. I’m young and glamorous. But the fact is I will be 87 in a few days…At some point our country will recover. I wish dinners together again and deliciousness for us all.

Love and happy times, Gael 

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5 Responses

  1. Nancy Funke says:

    Wishing you delicious dishes and a speedy recovery!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Kim Alexander says:

    I hope your recovery continues to go well & 2021 brings you much joy and happiness.

  3. Celeste Champagne says:

    What a joy and privilege to wish you the best for your recovery and to keep us informed about where to dine safely when that option returns. Merry Christmas!

  4. Ellen Easton says:

    To an icon who has shared many an adventure with us , your readers and fans, wishing you a full recovery to delicious days ahead. Ellen Easton

  5. Amy Cohen says:

    Gael, I have followed you and your wonderful writing for a very long time and have enjoyed every minute in your company. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Age is a state of mind, and you have always been young :).

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