Go see Emojiland: The Musical!

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Go see Emojiland: The Musical!

How would you like to see a musical about a community of emojis who live in a phone, preparing for an update, which, by the way, to emojis, is like celebrating new years. Friendships, love relationships and diabolical maneuvers are also part of this emoji story.

Although this sounds like a whimsical and comical premise, and it surely is, Emojiland: The Musical also provides depth and surprising poignant moments. It challenges us to think about how we perceive others, and how we define ourselves.

The entire cast of Emojiland is just crazy talented, complete with many Broadway veterans.

From Lucas Steele to Lesli Margherita to Ann Harada to Jacob Dickey to George Abud to Josh Lamon and more, each and every cast member gives their emoji part their all. The book, music and lyrics of Emojiland are written by Keith Harrison and Laura Schein (Laura also stars in the show), directed by Thomas Caruso, with choreography by Kenny Ingram.

Emojiland the Musical, (which has nothing to do with the Emojiland movie) is a definite must-see. Currently at the Duke, it closes March 19.
You will feel joyful at the end of the musical, enjoying the terrific performances of the happily exuberant cast.

To hear my interview with Jacob Dickey (smiling face with sunglasses emoji) and George Abud (nerdface emoji), listen to the  “Bagels and Broadway with Valerie Smaldone” radio show, this Saturday at 9 on WNYM or on podcast at: Bagels and Broadway podcast page

Go see Emojiland: The Musical!

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