Grown Up Tomatoes Guide to the Well-Equipped Cocktail Bar

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Woman (or man) cannot live on Prosecco alone.  A beautifully stocked and well-equipped bar is a must have in every tomato’s home. And it doesn’t take that much to have everything you need on hand.  Here’s a little guide which includes barware and the right cocktail serving glasses. And we do think a classy serving glass makes a world of difference.

Cresimo Pro Stainless Steel Cocktail Bar Tool Set

This set has everything you need – a Bartender Martini Shaker w/ Strainer Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, Jigger, Ice Tongs & Storage Rack.  Plus, a Bonus Fold Out Cocktail Recipe Guide.  Amazon $18.99.

Glogex Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler and Spoon Barware Set.

For drinks like Mojitos and Moscow Mules, you need to a muddler to add the true flavor of fresh fruit, herbs and spices, without any residue.  Amazon $10.89.

Elegant Low Ball Glasses

We love this beautiful set of four double old fashioned glasses in the Marquis by Waterford Markham pattern.  Perfect for serving scotch, whiskey or mixed drinks like mojitos (the base is large enough for muddling.)  And it’s a generous 11 oz size.  Set of 4, $39.95.

Classy Martini Glasses

From martinis to cosmos, you’ll find these martini glasses will make every drink perfect.  We love the elegant tall (8 ¾”) martini glasses from Lenox. Set of 4, $30.00.

Mikasa Cheers Highball Glass


We love the fun and whimsical designs of the Cheers highball glass collection. Each glass is precision-etched with a different yet coordinating design.  Highball glasses are perfect for any kind of fix, or mixed drinks – like Gin & Tonics, Ton Collins, Dark ‘n’ Stormies. This set is 4 is $39.99.

Copper Mugs for Moscow Mules

We love Moscow Mules, and they taste so much better when they are served in copper mugs.  This set of 4 comes with a bonus shot glass and free recipe booklet (includes Moscow Mules and other drinks that serve well in copper mugs too).  Get a set of 4 for $32.99.

“International Bar Flies” Original Bloody Mary Glasses

These Vintage-style glasses used at Harry’s Bar in Paris for serving Bloody Mary cocktails to the “International Bar Flies” are so cool. Set of 2 $24.95.

Royal Bamboo Knot Cocktail & Hors’ D’oeuvre Picks 

Make sure to add a set of these.  Get 100 for $5.63.

Ice Bucket

Here’s a classic stainless steel ice bucket, with a double wall that keeps cubes for hours.  $19.99.


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