Happy 50ish & Grammy Park

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Happy 50ish, the new off-Broadway Musical and Grammy Park coming next spring.

Some breaking entertainment news for you right here on Valerie’s Gallery!

It has been announced that next spring, a venue featuring beloved recording artists in performance and vendors exhibiting their items as part of a community, will be developed in Prospect Park.

Grammy Park (TM) is a five day music extravaganza and will feature performances, interactive experiences, products and demonstrations. Stay tuned for announcements about artists and tickets.
Although May seems like a long way away, it gets here sooner than you think!

Happy 50ish & grammy park, valerie smaldone, the three tomatoesThe off-Broadway musical, Happy 50ish, is definitely a theatrical piece geared squarely for Tomatoes. Tagged as “the musical comedy cure for everyone’s mid-life crisis” this is the perfect gift for your friend turning the big 5-0. Playing now through August 30 at The Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row

Next week, an article on Hamilton, now on Broadway.

the 3T wine trip, the three tomatoes

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