How to Buy a Bathing Suit that Fits and Flatters

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How to Buy a Bathing Suit that Fits and Flatters

Congratulations! You are finally taking a relaxing vacation to a sunny tropical spot, or you’re hanging out the local pool or heading to the beach this summer. Now all you need now is a bathing suit.

Cue the music played when the young woman is swimming in the ocean in Jaws. The thought of finding and wearing a bathing suit may cause an equal amount of dread and fear, as well as some blood-curdling screams.

Relax a while and let me give you a few tips to get you back in the water, or at least on a lounge chair. I want you to enjoy your time in the sun.

  • Do not try on suits that are the same size as your clothes. Don’t ask me why, but swimwear sizes do not correspond with clothing sizes. Women need to try one or two sizes up for a flattering and comfortable fit.
  • Choose a suit in a color that compliments you. And FYI: avoid white, especially if you plan on getting wet. White suits will always become see-through. If that doesn’t bother you, you are reading the wrong book.
  • Highlight your smaller parts with lighter colors and camouflage your somewhat larger parts with darker colors. I use this trick to minimize what I consume at the all-you-can-eat buffet tables or a few too many Pina Coladas.
  • Watch your back. No, really, take look and see if the shape of your back is pushing over the edge of your bathing suit. If it is, go for a style with a higher back so more of you is held in.
  • Of course you wish you had a smaller waistline, so look for suits that have shirring at the middle. The fabric gathering is a great way to disguise muffin tops and tummy poufs.
  • Tuck, lift, and suck. Tuck, lift, and suck. Repeat this mantra each time you put on your suit. Tuck in your breasts, lift up your rear so it is in the bathing suit versus hanging out around the edges, and suck in your stomach when you walk to or get up from your lounge chair.
  • Never underestimate or abuse the power of the cover-up. A simple lightweight tank dress or oversized shirt is far more flattering than shorts and a T-shirt and fits so well with pool or beach surroundings.

An afterthought: If the mere idea of wearing a bathing suit still causes you flashes of terror, I have heard Alaska is a lovely place to visit.

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