How To Deliver a TED Talk

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 How To Deliver a TED Talk, The Three Tomatoes

Powerful Storytelling

If you’ve ever watched a TEDTalk, regardless of the topic, you have probably been incredibly impressed with the presentations.  TED presenters are chosen by their ability to inspire people with their ideas, and they always deliver.  Well now there’s a book that shares the secrets of the world’s most inspiring presentations. In How to Deliver a TED Talk, author Jeremy Donovan, did an intensive study of the most popular ones, and has written an excellent step-by-step playbook that will help anyone deliver a great presentation.

He covers everything from selecting your topic, how to tell stories, how to design your talk and even gives points on how to make slides stand out.  He also covers how to give a great introduction too. This is the best book on how to give a great presentation that we have ever read. Buy it now! If you want to see a great example of a TEDTalk, here is Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg’s very powerful TEDTalk on why women haven’t made it to the top.  She has since written a book on this subject too, Lean In.  Watch the video.

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