How to Find Peace and Perspective in a Fearful World

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How to Find Peace and Perspective in a Fearful World, Christine Ranck, The Three Tomatoes

Actually, the people you love are 99.9999% empty space! (That’s because the atoms we’re all made of are mostly empty space).

In fact, science says, you are literally made of nothing but light and consciousness, born from the bellies of stars, embodying the infinite energy of the universe, eternally connected to everything else.

You are unlimited awareness residing temporarily in a physical body.


So why then, instead of unlimited, do we often feel so helplessly trapped in the limitations of our complicated lives—with all our fears, disappointments, and heartaches?

Imprisoned by a world of complexity, we’ve nearly forgotten our true nature—even though the evidence of our limitless nature is all around us.

For example, when we have night-time dreams—of flying into the stars, creating beautiful works of art, re-uniting with lost loved ones…and all of it is happening at lightning speed—that is our unlimited awareness expressing itself! In our thoughts and dreams we have infinite power, unbounded potential, total freedom, and timelessness.

Whenever our hearts insistently tug at us to go someplace, so we go there and something wonderful happens; when exactly what we need comes right to us; when we recognize the cosmic precision of an unbelievable coincidence; when we experience joy, awe, rapturous love—we’re experiencing our OTHER part—our infinite nature.

But we forget, ignore, and deny this truth.  Since thoughts, dreams, feelings and intuitions don’t obey the everyday rules, we say they can’t be real. We literally deny half of our experience, and reject half of who we are. And then we grieve and become overwhelmed by fear, all the while believing that a cruel, unfair world makes this life so hard.

But what if we’re actually bereft and fearful…because we’ve LOST TRACK OF OURSELVES?

The prevailing, relentless, fear-based message we receive from the outside world is that we are small, desperately powerless—and not enough. Like a powerful filter, this fearsome message prevents us from seeing the whole truth—that we have a DUAL nature: That we are capable of soaring into the infinite at the very same time that we are grounded to the earth.

So right now, consider that your world is like a gigantic mirror. Just as a mirror reflects your physical image, the world you experience outside yourself is also a reflection…an infinitely creative reflection of your limitless self, projected outward, so that you can see, feel and experience it.

For example, if you’ve ever been totally depressed on a beautiful day, or absolutely joyful on a stormy day, then you know that how you feel creates what you experience. Your emotions and your beliefs are powerful projections that determine what you see.

Thus the more fearful and small you feel, the more your world—just like a mirror—reflects that powerlessness right back to you, until it becomes the presiding message you see, hear, and feel. And that brings us to where we find ourselves today, overwhelmed by fear and complexity, and completely out of touch with our infinitely creative, powerful, resiliently loving nature.

So let yourself re-discover this simple truth.

Today,let yourself notice the colossal beauty all around you. Be aware that it is your own indescribable beauty reflected outward for you to see and experience.

Celebrate the stunning complexity and variety in your world, for it mirrors your own astonishing creativity.

Pay attention to every intuition, every synchronicity. This is your own boundless connection to the Infinite…sending you a message. Listen for it, and then by all means, take the hint!

Let yourself lose track of time doing something you love, and swim in your own timelessness.

Be captivated by the immensity and wonder of the world around you.
For you are not in the universe, the universe is in you.

Look out into the awesome, magnificent cosmos and recognize yourself.
Finally, practice mightily loving yourself. For you are truly amazing! When you love yourself—even if it’s just being aware of your astonishing dual nature—your mirror world will begin to reflect that love and awe right back to you, and the world can start to feel different—and more in balance.

In reclaiming awareness of your infinite nature, your primary experience of the world can change to one of abundance and love, not limitation and fear.
You can feel limitlessly in love with the universe…and that it is in love with you…because that is who you really are.

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