How to Get Grace and Frankie’s Season 5 Style

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Season 5 of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie which stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin continues to be funny while also dealing with very real issues of aging.  Spoiler alert if you’re not caught up: At the end of last season, Grace and Frankie’s kids talk them into selling their beautiful beach house and moving into a senior living facility. Season 5 opens hilariously with Grace and Frankie stealing a golf cart and making their escape.  But one of our favorite things about the show, and also Tomatoes everywhere, are the fabulous clothes and styles in the series that are the creation of costume designer Allyson Fanger. In previous posts we’ve covered some of their looks and where to get them from previous seasons:  Shopping Grace and Frankie’s Style and How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style. Season 5 did not disappoint, story wise and fashion wise. Here’s how to get the looks.  

Grace’s Style

Grace and Frankie Season 5 Style, The Three Tomatoes

Grace has classic style. It’s been fun on the seasons to see her style evolve from her very buttoned up CEO looks, to more casual looks as she’s become less repressed.  But no matter what she’s wearing, she nails it.

In a recent interview with Allyson Fanger she says her go to brands and designers for Grace are St. John KnitsRalph LaurenCarolina HerreraBrooks Brothers, and Margaret O’Leary for the best beach cashmere.

Those printed shirts:Tomatoes are clamoring for Grace’s fabulous blouses, like the lemon one in the start of Season 5. Sad for us, that shirt and some of her other prints are custom made using a fabric that is hand painted.

Grace's style on Grace & Frankie Season 5, blouses

Grace’s signature blouses are fitted crisp white and now the florals with up turned collars.

Get the look:

Grace and Frankie Style, where to get the looks

Amazon’s crisp white shirt $29.99; Nordstrom $79.00; Floral Blouse Nordstrom $79; Flora Blouse Banana Republic $79.50

Grace’s Jackets:

Grace and Frankie Style,Season 5 where to get the looks

Grace pairs beautiful jackets with slacks and even jeans for great looks.

Get the look:

Grace and Frankie Style, where to get the looks

Amazon Red Blazer $34.00; St. John’s Knit Jacket $1500; Banana Republic $175

Grace’s Robes

Grace and Frankie Style, Season 5

Grace always looks elegant in the morning too with beautiful satin and silk robes.

Get the Look

Grace and Frankie Season 5, Get the looks

Amazon Floral Kimona $38.00; Amazon 100% silk Kimono Robe

Grace’s Jewelry

Grace and Frankie Season 5 Style

Graces jewelry is also elegant and understanded. She wears a lot of long necklaces and small earrings.

Get the look

How to get Grace and Frankie Style, Season 5

Nordstrom Tori Burch necklace $105.; Amazon necklace $44;Anne Klein Button Clip Earrings $22

Frankie’s Style

How to get Grace and Frankie Style, Season 5

Frankie is a super stylish bohemian/hippie. Her clothes are wonderful bold colors and patterns – and she’s not afraid to mix them, wear tie dye and always wears fabulous large jewelry pieces. The show’s costume designer Allyson Fanger says she shops vintage all over the nation. Her designers for her fancy looks are  Harari , Alembika, and Bryn Walker. A lot of her incredible jewelry is handmade by Adina Mills.  And by the way, did you know that Frankie’s fabulous hair on the show is a wig!

Here are a few of our favorite Frankie looks this season.

How to get Grace and Frankies Style, Season 5

Kimonos, Caftans, and Tie Dyes are Frankie’s go to style.

How to Get Her Look

Bryn Walker Fall Collection; Kaftan Amazon $16; Plazzo Pants; Kimono Cardigan Amazon $16

Those Layered Sheer Under tops  

How to get Grace and Frankie Season 5 Style

In most of Frankie’s outfits she wears these sheer long sleeve under tops in many different colors.

How to get her look:

How to get Grace and Frankie's Style, Season 5

Lupos Long Sleeve Sheer Top Amazon $25-$35

Frankie’s Fabulous Jewelery

Frankie’s style is always accented by her fabulous, very large jewelry pieces.

Get the look

How to get Grace and Frankie Style, Season 5

Adina Mills; Boho Necklace $12 Amazon;  Large Red Ring, $15 Amazon


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  1. Ali says:

    Knit/felted flower necklace of Frankie’s in S5:10?
    It looks like a Karen Paust piece.

  2. Betsy says:

    Where to buy pink dress Grace wore to Buds wedding?

  3. Jackie Fox says:

    Love the colorful layered necklace Frankie is wearing in the video on season 5 episode 11. Do you know where it came from?

  4. Amy says:

    I am looking for this necklace that Grace wore in several episodes in Season 5. Any ideas?

  5. Deborah says:

    We’re do I buy the pink dress Gracie wore to Bud’s wedding.

  6. Kathy Varney says:

    I loved and obsessed with Grace’s black turtleneck poncho with a rust-colored stripe when they were packing up after their retreat. It was a few seconds of her putting her bag in the trunk. I loved that sweater! Been searching and searching online!

  7. Jennie Marts says:

    I also want to know where to find that amazing pink dress Grace wore to Bud’s wedding!

  8. Marcia says:

    In series 5 episode 9
    What was the t shirt Frankie was wearing?

  9. pj says:

    Where can I find the gray sweater set grace wore in season 5 episode 7?

  10. Karen Marino says:

    the black and white pocket book is what i would love to fine!!! Grace wore it a couple of times in season five

    • Jessie says:

      The large tote? with the white band going across the top? I’m obsessed with it! And I can’t find it any where! Help!

  11. Nicola says:

    Loved frankies pjs and house coat in season 5 episode 2 would love to know where to get them

  12. Louise says:

    I’m looking for the necklace Grace is wearing in the picture above with the white shirt.

  13. Lauren says:

    I am very interested in who designed the Orange caftan Frankie work in Buzz’s wedding episode.
    Thank you!

  14. Susie says:

    Trying to find the gorgeous mint green dress Mallory wore to Bud’s wedding. Any clues?

  15. Jessie says:

    I need to find the large Black (maybe navy?) tote Grace carries in The Crosswalk ep 4- it has a large white band at the top. I’m in love with it !Help!

  16. Lynda Stanley says:

    Would like to know where to shop for the rainbow multi colored straw hat that grace wore during one of the episodes.

  17. Lynda Stanley says:

    Would like to know where the rainbow multi colored straw hat can be bought that grace wore on the show. It is so cute and can go with a lot of outfits.

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