How to get the perfect fit for your clothes

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 This is such a great a video from stylist Scarlett Debease about a very important part of choosing what to wear…FIT. She shares how you might think you’re wearing the right size and why you likely are wrong. And you’ll get her tips for getting the right fit.

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  • Scarlett DeBease, Professional Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, is the founder of “The Always Know What To Wear Program™“. As an Image Consultant, Speaker & Savvy Personal Shopper, she shows women how to project confidence & success by always knowing what to wear. As a bonus, Scarlett’s tips will help you Look Younger, Thinner and Taller while projecting Confidence & Success as you now will be wearing the clothes that fit and flatter you the most. Scarlett believes women deserve Real-Overs, not makeovers. Visit her at:

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