The “Can You See Us Now?” Martini

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The Martini… “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet”.

 -H. L. Mencken

In Cheryl Benton’s new novel, “Can You See Us Now?” her three main characters meet once a month for martinis because they such a grown up drink. There is something so deliciously sexy, naughty and grown up about a dirty martini.  But making the perfect one, even though there are only 3 ingredients, is all about the proportions, a chilled glass, and, as Mr. Bond would say, “shaken, not stirred”.  Every tomato should know how to make a perfect martini, even if you don’t drink them, Mr. Bond will be impressed. Enjoy our little “how to” Happy Hour Video.


The martini has been around since the 1880s (made with gin), but the history is a little murky.  Some say it was invented in San Francisco, others say it was a New York City bartender at the Knickerbocker Hotel, and still others credit an Italian vermouth maker who marketed his products as “Martini” in the 1800s.

While many purists consider “gin” the only way to make a martini, by the 1980s vodka had become more popular than gin, and hence gave way to the popularity of vodka martinis. And let’s not forget that “Bond…James Bond”….also preferred vodka.


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