In The Heights…GO, GO, GO

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It is so great to be back in a movie theater watching movies on a BIG screen, with other people, while munching on popcorn. If you’re ready, we highly recommend Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “In The Heights,” a delight in every way. You can watch on HBO MAX too, but first, you’ll miss Lin-Manuel Miranda’s intro thanking you for coming back to the movie theaters (I cried), and second, this is a movie you will want to watch on a BIG screen.

Here are the first eight minutes of the movie.

The movie is joyous and a love story to New York City. The music and choreography are awesome. And the talent!!! Beautiful, talented, mostly unknows who will not be unknows for long, with fun appearances by Lin-Manuel, Marc Anthony…and Jimmy Smits has a big role. And I loved Dasha Polanco (Orange is the New Black) and Daphne Rubin-Vega who plays the salon owner and was in the original Rent. Just go.

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