Inga’s Zigzags

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A Delicious, Sensuous, Thoroughly Satisfying Read.

Inga’s Zigzags, Vica Miller, The Three Tomatoes

Inga’s Zigzags, Vica Miller’s debut novel takes the reader on roller coaster ride of emotions and sensual experiences from NYC to Moscow. A few years after emigrating to NYC from her beloved St. Petersburg, Russia, the books heroine, Inga Belova, finds herself disillusioned with 1990s New York City. A divorce followed by a series of superficial relationships leaves her cynical about love, and she feels mired in her mid-level job in a NY ad agency. When her firm offers her a chance to head to Moscow to work in their newly opened office, she jumps at the opportunity. The author vividly conveys post-Perestroika Moscow, filled with the promise of unbridled business opportunities, and bustling with young vibrant entrepreneurs who are making their fortunes. She soon finds herself seduced by the promise of a new Russia and seduced into an unconventional love affair – with two women

Alexandra and Emma convince Inga to not only join them in bed, but in a new business venture as well. The story weaves its way back to New York, South Beach, Moscow, St. Petersburg and London, as Inga struggles to find herself. This is a book that will keep you reading late into the night. And by the way it’s a perfect book club selection. The author is happy to appear at book club meetings or make herself available via Skype.

When you finish this debut novel, you will understand why famed journalist and author George Plimpton called her a writer. Lucky for us she believed him!

Inga’s Zigzags is available on Amazon and other major booksellers.


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