Innovative COVID Products

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Well here’s to innovation and new products keep springing up. You’re going to want to try the mask bracket, that keeps your mask away from your face (but without gaps) for greater comfort (and lipstick wearing too.) You will love this beautiful mask chain/necklace handcrafted by a jewelry designer. There’s a clever headback to slip your elastics onto, and wearable personal air purifier.   And check out the “Vote” masks and also help vulnerable girls too.

The Mask Bracket

Innovative COVID Products

This product (there are many versions out) have become an instant success, especially after a schoolteacher posted this video on Facebook and it went viral. The “bracket” is a food-safe, silicon structure that goes on your lower face and then your mask goes over it. It gives you better breathing room, and keeps the material off your face (and lipstick too.) Just make sure when you put the mask on, that it fully covers your mouth and nose with no gaping on the sides or top.  3 for $12.00 Amazon

Savior Band headbands with buttons for mask

Innovative COVID Products

So if the elastic on masks starts to get irritating, here’s a great way to fix that problem. These cute headbands (lots of different designs) have buttons to attach the mask. $12.00 Amazon

Votes and Masks and a Good Cause

Innovative COVID Products

Our wonderful designer friend Gabriella Carlson has created these fabulous masks (and also “vote” tees and totes.) And she is donating 10% of the proceeds from all the vote masks sales to help vulnerable girls around the globe. Get your mask.

And thanks to Gab for sharing this entertaining video with a great message.

Necklace and mask chain of glass beads and Swarovski

Innovative COVID Products

This mask chain doubles as a necklace! It’s handmade of Czech glass bead, Swarovski crystal and glass seed beads by artisan jewelry designer, Amy Kanarek.  And while you are at her website, checkout her exquisite jewelry. Check out the mask chain/necklace.

Wearable Personal Air Purifier

Innovative COVID Products

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the wearable air purifier. In an independent laboratory study they commissioned, this air purifier reduced virus-like pathogens (commonly used as surrogates for the influenza virus) from 60% in 30 minutes to 90% in 180 minutes. Ideal for wear while dining out as well as for ground and air travel.  Hammacher Schlemmer $149.95


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