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We are so grateful to this year’s Virtual Renewal Summit Sponsors and we want to thank them again by highlighting some of their amazing products and services – like the Lumi Spa for beautiful glowing skin; Pulse lubes and warming device for elevating your most intimate moments; Immunocolgie an organic line of skin care products, and much more. AND there are some special offers just for Tomatoes too.

Upgrade Your Brain

Paula Olseka is a brain-optimizing expert and can help you be your youthful self! Many signs of aging in posture, movement and thinking can be reversed quickly so you can feel sharp, vital and agile again. Paula is a bestselling author, mindset maverick and brain-optimizing expert. She has helped many powerful professionals upgrade their inner and outer game to achieve outstanding success. Learn more here.

Pulse Helps Your Elevate Your Most Intimate Moments

Warm personal lubes & oils are more than a luxury — for bodies struggling with dryness, discomfort, and pain, it’s a necessity! The Pulse Warming Dispenser, compatible with Pulse Pods, is a new completely closed system. This means that precisely measured and gently heated Pulse oils or lubricants are dispensed directly from the Pod into your hand for instant use. And Pulse lubes are FDA approved with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E for moisturizing and lubricating. And here’s a special offer:  Get the Pulse warmer and pods for just $129 (a $70 savings.) Go to and use code: RENEWAL

Immunocolgie – A Luxury Line of Natural Skin Care Poducts

Meet Karen Ballou, the founder of Immunocolgie, an all natural, science driven luxury skincare line developed to give you the results you deserve, no matter skin type. Your skin will thank you. Learn more here.

The Lumi Spa, for Beautiful Glowing Skin

Deborah Farkash is the CEO of Living Well Inside and Out, and one of her favorite products is the Lumi Spa, rated the #1 skin cleanser device.  It Gently—yet deeply—cleanses away dirt, oil, makeup, and toxins leaving your skin beautiful and glowing. And Deborah has a special offer for Tomatoes – GET A 15% DISCOUNT ON THE LUMI SPA. Contact Deborah Farkash at Learn more here.

Revitin Pre-Biotic Toothpaste

Revitin is a prebiotic toothpaste that’s fluoride free, SLS free, and safe enough to eat, providing whiter teeth, stronger enamel, and lasting fresh breath.

Nutrients and Herbs that Can Protect You from COVID-19

In this very informative interview, Dr. Richard Carlton, an integrated physician talks about the importance of building your immune system to fight COVID-19. He has extensive knowledge in nutrients and herbs and has published a compendium, “Nutrients & Herbs that Hack COVID-19.” It’s available for an introductory price of $30. To purchase contact: Richard M. Carlton, M.D., Integrative Physician | 917-697-4233.

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