Jan. 28: The Montclair Food and Wine Festival

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Okay, I know. We just came off of a week or two of non-stop eating and imbibing, and decided that January would be it. The month of no more fooling around with inventive cocktails, endless nibbles, and hearty life-affirming dinners. The time has come to put the brakes on, right? Well…

Sure. But we need to make an exception. Because the Montclair Food and Wine Festival is taking place for the first time in January! It’s called Frost Bites, and it happens on January 28 at the Woman’s Club in Upper Montclair. Numerous fine restaurants and alcohol purveyors are participating.

Celeb chef Amanda Freitag is slated to appear. Plus funds raised go for food education and scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

So, put the January Juicing on hold for a minute, and head to Montclair for a wonderful slice of foodie pie.

Listen to my podcast with Frost Bites executive director Lisa Davies to find out more about the festival. Lisa also divulges some interesting food trends that will be emerging in 2016.  It’s all on my latest podcast.

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