Jim Brochu Joins Ben Mankiewicz on TCM

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Jim Brochu Joins Ben Mankiewicz on TCM

One of the theater’s most beloved actors will be a guest host on Turner Classic Movies. Jim Brochu, writer, director and playwright, has won numerous awards including a Drama Desk Award for outstanding solo performance in the Off-Broadway production of Zero Hour (which he wrote) about the life and career of Zero Mostel. He also co-wrote, with Steve Schalchlin, the musical The Big Voice: God or Merman.

On Sunday February 28 at 8 pm Est, a long time dream will be coming true, as he introduces two films starring Zero Mostel, in celebration of the great actor’s 100th birthday. The first “Du Barry Was a Lady” and at 10 pm, “The Front.” Jim was asked to choose the films and did, the first showing a young Zero doing his night club act and the other to talk about the blacklist.

Come join Jim Brochu and Ben Mankiewicz for an exciting evening on TCM. It’s on my calendar!

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