Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

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Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

If you’re like most women, you look forward to those days when you don’t have to “dress up.” After all, we spend so much of our lives styled to the nines for work, important meetings, or special occasions. So we truly look forward to and relish the times when we can slip into our most comfortable and well-loved clothes. Whether you’re out and about on the weekend, running errands, or meeting a friend for some coffee and window shopping, it’s nice to occasionally showcase a more relaxed style.

But just because you don’t need to wear a dressy outfit doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your casual clothing well. After all, you never know who you’ll meet while you’re out, and first impressions still matter—even on the weekend. So it’s wise to make sure you look presentable whenever you leave the house. And when you look great, you just feel better.

The good news is that you can look fantastic and well put together in casual clothing. With a few easy adjustments, you can create an incredible look with just a pair of jeans and a nice tee. Keep reading for some simple ways to turn your casual looks into truly memorable outfits.

 Focus on quality.

Your casual garments—like jeans and simple tops—will look best if they fit well and are made of good-quality material. This is why it’s important to purchase clothing that is well made and reliable. It’s worth it to spend a little more money up front on items that will last and still look great after multiple washes and wears.

 Make sure your casual pieces fit you well.

From jeans and tees to leggings and tunics, you love your casual clothes because they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. But hopefully that’s because they are constructed of supple and soft materials—not because they’re ill-fitting or oversized! You should always choose items that fit your body well, and if your clothing is too large, it needs to be tailored to fit you properly. This helps even your most comfortable clothing look tidy and neat. Remember, no one looks good in a baggy shirt and jeans that drag the ground!

Buy darker wash jeans.

Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

Jeans available at Nordstrom.

Darker denim tends to look dressier than lighter shades. So, unless you are specifically going for an intentionally “distressed” look, stick to wearing jeans in medium to dark blues.

 Add simple earrings.

Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

Earrings from Neiman Marcus.

Just because you won’t be wearing your most glitzy and glamorous earrings for running errands doesn’t mean you have to forgo earrings altogether. Simple, classic earrings elevate any casual outfit. Try silver or gold hoops or diamond studs to perfectly accent your look.

Top your outfit with a scarf.

Regardless of the season, scarves are great outfit toppers. They are super versatile, they keep you warm in chilly weather, and they add an instant pop of color or texture to your ensemble.

Slip on a bracelet. Like other accessories, a nice bracelet or two can really bring an outfit to life. Whether embellished or simple, consider adding a bracelet to your ensemble. Try a simple cuff, a beaded bracelet, or a stack of metallic bangles to enhance your outfit.

Wear a watch.

Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

Watch available at Neiman Marcus.

In the age of cell phones, a watch seems more optional than ever before. But watches remain a timeless way to express your style. Slip on a watch for a more put-together look.

Add a belt.

Even if you don’t need a belt to hold up your jeans or slacks, they add a certain something to your overall appearance. And because they come in so many great styles, colors, and materials, you can always find a belt to accompany nearly any outfit. You might even add one to a dress or skirt-and-blouse combo. Plus, belts are excellent for accentuating a small waist or creating the illusion of one.

 Carry a beautiful bag.

You can dress up a basic pants-and-top ensemble by carrying an eye-catching bag. An oversize tote is always a great option—especially for when you’re running errands and need to, well, tote something. Or try a buttery leather satchel or a smaller-sized cross-body bag to carry your necessities.

 Swap your workout sneakers for a boot.

Kick “Casual” Up a Notch: Ten Ways to Dazzle When You’re Not Dressed Up

Boots available at Nordstrom.

If you’ll be out walking all day, you could wear your workout sneakers. But honestly, sneakers usually look best in the gym. To be chic and still stay comfortable while you’re out and about, step into a lovely flat boot instead. You’ll still get the support you need, plus you’ll look great…to boot!

Remember, you can look more put together anytime at all—not just when you’re “dressing up” for professional reasons or upscale events. Looking great doesn’t require a dress code. A few finishing touches are all you need to elevate your more casual clothes so you can make an entrance everywhere you go.


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