LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

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It’s a step back in time Tomatoes with two fashion shows at the “Ticket to the Twenties” event celebrating the 1920’s at the Homestead Museum and a new exhibit “All Glitters, Life at the Renaissance Court,” at The Getty Center.  Don’t miss Barbara Minkus’ wonderful one woman shows, “18 Minutes of Fame” co-directed by Susan Morgenstern.  And Carpenteria, one of my favorite beach towns, is hosting the Annual California Avocado Festival! Head to the “Olvera Street Muertos Art Walk” ladies, for a day full of FREE family fun and entertainment. And it’s your last chance to sign up to attend Deborah Kagan’s “Rock Your Mojo” weekend with a special discount offer just for LA Tomatoes.

October 6 & 7. Ticket to the Twenties

LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

This sounds like so much fun Tomatoes.  The “Ticket to the Twenties” event, hosted by The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, in collaboration with Paper Moon Vintage, will present two fashion shows, highlighting the very best of fashion from the 1920s in Southern California.  Time to find that Flapper costume and brush up on your Charleston moves, Ladies.

It’s all happening at the Workman Temple Homestead Museum and it’s FREE. Of course, bring spending money for the food trucks and shopping.  There will be plenty of interesting activities, dancing, vintage cars, and live period music throughout the grounds of the Workman Temple Homestead Museum. You can even take a tour of this historic house.  Don’t you just love the 20’s gals?

Till December 2.  All that Glitters

LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

Eitelfriedrich I Hohenzollern; Jörg Ziegler (German, early 16th century – 1574/1577); Rottenburg, Germany; about 1572; Pen and ink, colored washes, tempera, and gold paint on parchment; Leaf: 35.2 x 27.8 cm (13 7/8 x 10 15/16 in.); Ms. Ludwig XIII 11, fol. 18

I love the Renaissance era, just like the 20’s, which was also flashy to say the least.  “All that Glitters: Life at the Renaissance Court” explores the art and luxury items that helped construct the identities of the court elite. Or help them to brag a whole lot.  You’ll find something deeper lies beneath all razzle dazzle Tomatoes.

It’s always fun to see how the other half lives. “All that Glitters” is a fantastic showcase of visual arts, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, drawings, enamels, glassware and textiles, meant to “show off” the extravagance of the peeps with power, wealth and titles to impress.   Yep, a Renaissance way to network Tomatoes.

“The incredible material luxury of the objects in the exhibition shows how ostentatious life at court could be, but when you dig a little deeper, the same objects can also be evidence of how courtiers were expected to behave and how they built their social hierarchies and identities,” says Larisa Grollemond, assistant curator of manuscripts and curator of the exhibition.

October 14 & Oct 21. “18 Minutes of Fame: A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus

 LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

Broadway, film and television singer – actress, Barbara Minkus , is one incredibly talented Tomato Ladies. “18 Minutes of Fame: A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus” is in an intimate and compelling life journey featuring a variety of show-stopping songs and stories, about Barbara’s life. The show is also co -directed by a dear Tomato friend, the amazing Susan Morgenstern. It’s a fab Tomato combination!

While searching for fame, Barbara found the more meaningful things in life during her exceptional journey of love, life, difficult decisions, family dynamics and more. Sure, sounds like we can relate to that Tomatoes!  It’s a rare opportunity with only 2 performances in Los Angeles, so don’t hesitate to reserve your tickets…Now.  Must support fellow Tomatoes always!

Oct 4-7. California Avocado Festival 

 LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

Well it is a bit of a drive, but it’s on our beautiful coast. Carpenteria Valley along with Santa Barbara County, is the 3rd largest producer of avocados (Yum) in North America. Wow! So, it’s a no-brainer for them to host one of the largest, free, family friendly music festivals in California, the “California Avocado Festival.” Just one of the reasons Carpenteria is so special Tomatoes.

The California Avocado Festival includes delicious avocado inspired food, 75 music acts on 4 stages, a platform for local nonprofits and service organizations to raise funds for their worthy causes, and most importantly, its dedication to raising scholarship funds for local youth. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a “green” festival. They have really worked diligently to reduce the carbon footprint in leading a “Zero Waste” festival. We divert virtually 100% of the waste to either recycling or composting instead of the landfill. That is soooooo cool Tomatoes!

October 6. Muertos Art Walk

LA Life: 20’s Fashion, Glitter, 18 Minutes, Avocados Fest, Artwalk, Special Offer

My goodness Tomatoes, there are a ton of local artists (40 and more) participating in the 5th Olvera Street Muertos Art Walk, hosted by (you guessed it) Olvera Street and the Olvera Street Merchants Association Foundation.  It’s all about celebrating shopping small and shopping local from the greater Los Angeles community.  Super smart!

Along with art shown, guests will be able to enjoy musical, theatrical and performance entertainment on a live stage and shopping original artwork, clothing, jewelry and more. Remember it is free and for all ages Tomatoes.


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