LA LIFE: Big Birthday, Art Walk, Fleet Week, Lawn Jazz

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As the summer comes to a close (where the heck did it go ladies?) tomatoes can enjoy the last installment of Santa Monica’s kick back “Jazz on the Lawn” concert series Sunday. Downtown San Pedro is a great place to be for a couple of reasons. There’s the “1st Thursday Art Walk” in Old (Historic) San Pedro and following that you’ve got “LA Fleet Week” celebrating our military in San Pedro as well gals. San Pedro is hoppin’.  And guess who is having a b-day ladies? Los Angeles! And boy is she old! Tee hee!  Happy Birthday LA! We love you no matter what your age.

August 27. LA’s Birthday

LA LIFE: Big Birthday, Art Walk, Fleet Week, Lawn Jazz

LA may seem like a young babe in the eyes of the rest of world but our fair city has been around for 235 years! Wowee!  So, of course,  that demands a big  celebration with historic re-enactments, artisan demonstrations, exhibits, food, entertainment and plenty of birthday cake! And what better place than LA’s original birthplace the El Pueblo monument. Happy Birthday Los Angeles, you don’t look a day over 200!

 El Pueblo Historical Monument is the birthplace of Los Angeles and the home of world famous Olvera Street (the oldest street in town). So while there you might want to take the opportunity to stroll down Olvera Street and visit a few of the amazing museums surrounding the plaza.  And it is all free gals.

Sept 1. San Pedro Art Walk

LA LIFE: Big Birthday, Art Walk, Fleet Week, Lawn Jazz

All you have to say is “Art Walk” and you pretty much get the drift.  However, San Pedro is a wonderful quaint waterfront village that will remind you of a small town from years ago and the historic architecture and Tivoli lights strung along the arts district adds to its charm and magic.  And let’s not forget tomatoes the evening includes 40 open galleries & studios with a plethora of street vendors, free music, dancing and performances. Lovely way to spend a summer evening.

Plus, there are plenty of places to shop for unusual items and gifts which is always music to my ears tomatoes. Art galleries, shops and restaurants are open till 9:00 p.m. Some restaurants have a 1st Thursday Night Special. Most of the participants are on 4th Street to 7th Street, and from Pacific Avenue to Palos Verdes Streets. It’s a great way to experience Old San Pedro gals.

Sept. 2-5. Fleet Week Sept

LA LIFE: Big Birthday, Art Walk, Fleet Week, Lawn Jazz

LA Fleet Week is a celebration of our U.S. armed forces at our nation’s #1 port, the Port of Los Angeles. Active military ships are heading to our shores along the LA Waterfront and will open their doors for public ship tours, military equipment demos, live entertainment and educational activities to help the public gain a greater appreciation of the men and women serving our country.  A great chance to enjoy American’s Port and our beautiful waterfront tomatoes. Get your tickets. What’s not to like?

The festival is free and so are the tickets for the ship tours but you need to make your reservations for the tours. You might want to get a jump on that gals as soon as possible.

Besides the Port of Los Angeles hosting LA Fleet Week the U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy League, U.S. Marines, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, USO, Downtown San Pedro Business Improvement District, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, and Battleship IOWA are partners in this festival as well. Geez that’s a mouthful but darn impressive gals! And remember it is free with live music, entertainment, fireworks and food trucks.

August 28. Jazz on the Lawn

LA LIFE: Big Birthday, Art Walk, Fleet Week, Lawn Jazz

Summer is almost over (boo hoo) but the heat is still on and so is the Santa Monica “Jazz on the Lawn” concert series, hosted by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, at Stewart Street Park.  You have one chance left to relax, dance and enjoy the lively and family friendly music in the park this Sunday with “Venezuela OMG” bringing the tropics to SoCal.  Cool down and feel the beat tomatoes.

Venezuela OMG blends upbeat Caribbean music with exotic folk rhythms of Venezuela. You are welcome to bring a picnic or sample the tastes of the Food Trucks on hand tomatoes.


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