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Oh, Lordy tomatoes it’s May! Already! It’s spring and it’s May, so birds are on my mind.  “LA Bird Day” is around the corner and there are a plethora of cool ways to enjoy it.  If you are a water-wise gardener, then Chatsworth Nursery has the best deals in town. May is also a great time to “Go Wild for Our Planet” and nobody does that better than our LA Zoo.  Time for a walk on the Wild Side ladies.  On a different note, there will be an abundance of art at the “Quilters in the Valley Show”.

May 6.  Bird Day LA

This dedicated day is not only to celebrate our LA biodiversity and the 400+ species of our precious feathered friends but to show people that LA has an extremely vibrant bird world that plays a key role in our ecosystem. Yeah! So, bird loving and watching tomatoes will be happy to know there are a ton, and I mean a ton, of Bird Day LA events with something for everyone and everywhere and no experience necessary ladies.

There are so many celebrations tomatoes but “Birds and Beer” atop the Ace Hotel stood out to me gals… and it isn’t just because beer will be served. From this lofty location, a national park service ranger from the Santa Monica Mountains will discuss what makes Downtown LA an appealing place for such birds and the local bird urban phenomena. A different perspective from many of the other celebrations.  And with the binoculars they provide you’ll scan the skies for raptors and their prey and all the other birdie residents of DTLA.

It’s amazing how remarkably our winged creatures have adjusted and adapted to urban development.  It’s just what they do gals.  Lucky for them and lucky for us.

You might be asking why we have such aviary abundance.  Well ladies, LA County lies along the Pacific Flyway, a major north-south route for migratory birds in America. In spring and fall, the region plays host to hundreds of millions of birds coming through Southern California on their way back to breeding grounds in the north or wintering grounds in the south. So in a nutshell we have an array of local habitats — ocean, shore, wetlands, desert, mountains, back yards, foothills and lakes.  That’s why tomatoes.

Chatsworth Nursery Closing July 31

The moment you walk into this Chatsworth Nursery you feel like you are in heaven. The enormous array and number of plants that are so happy and healthy is mind boggling. The quality of the plants is extremely high, so it is bad news for me that my main source of water wise plants and succulents is closing July 31. I’m thoroughly bummed. But the good news for tomatoes is they have the best deals in town right now. Pinky swear!

 For instance, I bought a 5-gallon red salvia for $16.  I bought a 5- gallon Butterfly Bush for $18.  Not to mention the great deals for succulents which are normally very expensive at Green Thumb, Lowes, Orchards etc.  Succulents thrive all year and they are beautiful and bloom. Not only does Chatsworth Nursery have super- duper prices but they are always friendly and willing to answer questions and guide your selections with their expert advice. Just my 2 cents but if you are in the market you might want to visit before the end of July. It is definitely worth the trip ladies.

May 19. ZooLabration  

The Los Angeles Zoo’s annual “Wild for the Planet” celebration very appropriately kicked off on Earth Day and will run through Endangered Species Day on Friday, May 19. It’s all part of ZooLAbration (zoo’s 50th anniversary year) featuring special eco-activities, fun and information that puts the spotlight on the importance of protecting our environment and its creatures. Plus, there have been a few new additions to the zoo and I’m talking babies, babies, babies.  Well it is spring tomatoes!

The first bongo to be born at the L.A. Zoo in more than 20 years, this little guy will eventually be an 800-pound antelope. Sadly, there are fewer than 100 Bongos in the wild. So here’s your chance to enjoy one.  I know snakes might not be your thing gals, even baby ones, but it is the first time a Cape Cobra has been on display at our zoo. And so cute is the newly born Harbor Seal Pup that was rescued and is being nursed back to health.  I just love babies and they can all be seen at the zoo.  Not a baby, but a new resident is a rare Sumatran Tiger that is critically endangered.  Also in honor of ZooLAbrate, there’s an all-new, spectacular acrobatic show presented on weekends. This is just one of the many activities presented by the zoo. Check it out tomatoes while the babies are still babies and all these special events are still happening

May 6 and 7. Quilting for All Seasons

Hear ye hear ye Quilt artists, aficionados and collectors, The Quilting of the Valley Show, sponsored by Valley Quiltmakers & San Fernando Valley Guilds, is back since this is an odd numbered year.   Yipee! Yes, quilting started as a beloved craft for adorning and warming beds but it has been elevated over the years to an art form. That’s why I’m calling the “Quilting for the Seasons” a bona fide art show.

Just head to our historic Van Nuys Airport Hotel to feast your eyes on these beautiful works of art, tomatoes.

I am quilt enthusiast having long admired and appreciated the projects of my Grandmother.  I have many of her quilts and they are not on my bed but displayed on my walls.  To me they are priceless Americana works of art.

Besides featuring beautiful exhibits, “Quilting for All Seasons” will have a selection of exciting vendors offering a large variety of quilting supplies, jewelry and crafts, a boutique filled with hand-crafted items and much more. Quilt and textile art enthusiasts will find everything they need to provide inspiration and ignite their creativity. Members of both guilds will display their prize quilts. Quilts in every color, size, style and pattern will be shown. And there will even be an auction. If only my Grandma and her quilting circle cohorts knew they were true artists. Thanks Grandma!

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