LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

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LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

Hello and Happy Friday Tomatoes!  This cactus flower sure looks perky and delighted to have bloomed. And speaking of blooming…you might think there isn’t much bloomin’ in August, but think again, because Huntington Gardens is always blooming.  “The Los Angeles Food & Wine Fest” kicked off in a big way yesterday and I’m sure all you foodies and wine lovers are tickled pink.  This Tomato is convinced dogs have superpowers and the exhibit “Dogs, a Science Tail” explains that and more.  And “LA Fleet Week” will be celebrating our military in lots of fun ways. Enjoy!

August 22- 25.  Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

The “Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival” is said to be one of those ‘can’t miss’ summer culinary festivals Tomatoes. LAFW Fest is showcasing the finest in food and drink culture throughout Los Angeles, with the primo Chef and Sommeliers personalities from across the country giving you the chance to sample food & wine from the very best. It’s the ultimate food & wine extravaganza Tomatoes. 

The LA Food & Wine Fest is jam packed with tastings, cooking demonstrations, book signings, and special lunch, brunch dinner & grand tasting events across all of L.A.  It sounds like a blast even if you aren’t a foodie or wine connoisseur Tomatoes. My mouth is totally watering for a taste of some the yummy food and delish wine they’ll be serving.  Be sure and get your tickets ahead of time gals because it’s a very popular LA event.  

Vital, Glowing, Healthy Skin Care Tips

LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

This week join SF Editor Kim Selby as she interviews Karen Ballou, founder of an all-natural skincare line Immunocolgie, which she developed after a two-year bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Karen’s love of beauty began at age 10 and her 30+ year career in the beauty industry started with Elizabeth Arden. Her journey is fascinating. After her bout with cancer she realized that what we put on our skin has a huge impact on healing our immune system. Her goal is to help women be the best they can be. Listen in here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

August Huntington Blooms

LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

It may surprise you but there is a plethora of different types of blooms adorning the gardens of The Huntington Library, Art and Botanical Gardens in August Tomatoes.  Yep, it’s true, especially if you look in the shady spots you will find the bright colors of Lily of the Nile, Baja Fairy Duster, Hibiscus Scotti and Lotus in their full beautiful glory just waiting to show themselves off to you Tomatoes.

And 30 more types of blooms proudly popping out as well.  So, it’s always a good time to walk and relax and see the flowers in Huntington Gardens Tomatoes.  And there will be more blooms in September Ladies. There is always something blooming at the Huntington Gardens. That’s just how they roll.

“Dogs, A Science Tail”

LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

Yep, dogs love humans and we love them right back. It is one of the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time, Tomatoes.  “Dogs! A Science Tail”, at the California Science Center, has been called “a scientific love letter to dogs” and explores the very special bond between humans and dogs and all aspects of dogdom.  How wonderful Tomatoes!

This highly interactive, hands-on exhibit will show how the ability to understand and communicate with each other lies at the heart of this unique relationship.  I so want to understand this profound love dance and all I have to do is head to the California Science Center Tomatoes.

“Dogs! A Science Tail” also enables guests to experience the extraordinary way that dogs see, hear, and smell the world. There is so much to take in at this light hearted, fun, playful and inspirational exhibit. The cherry on the top of all the exhibit offers is that the Science Center is featuring the documentary “Superpower Dogs”, narrated by Chris Evans, in IMAX 3D…Woo Hoo! “Dogs! A Science Tail” exhibition was created and developed by the California Science Center with support from Annenberg Foundation and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace. And PetSmart Charities is sponsoring the national tour.

Aug 30-Sept 1. LA Fleet Week

LA LIFE: Blooms, Food & Wine Fest, Dog Tails, Fleet Week

LA Fleet Week” is a celebration of our U.S. armed forces at our nation’s #1 port, the Port of Los Angeles. Active military ships are heading to our shores along the LA Waterfront and will open their doors for public ship tours, military equipment demos, airshows, live entertainment and educational activities to help the public gain a greater appreciation of the men and women serving our country. And Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famers ‘Cheap Trick” will be the concerts headliners.  What’s not to like Tomatoes?!

It’s also a great chance to enjoy America’s Port and our beautiful waterfront. The festival, with live music, entertainment, fireworks and food trucks, is free and so are the tickets for the ship tours. Besides the Port of Los Angeles hosting LA Fleet Week, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy League, U.S. Marines, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, USO, Downtown San Pedro Business Improvement District, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, and Battleship IOWA are partners in this festival as well. Geez that’s a mouthful but darn impressive gals

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