LA LIFE: Bonsai, Leap, Nature Connects, China Town

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Oh my tomatoes it is already the end of February but it’s a leap year so we get one extra day of to adjust! Might as well take advantage of blue skies and unseasonably warm weather this weekend with 2 special garden experiences – South Cast Botanical Gardens and Bonsai-a-thon. Tickets are now on sale for the LA Conservancy’s special one-day-only tour of Chinatown.   It might be inside, but there is an extraordinary new exhibit “Leap Before You Look”, at the Hammer Museum.

Now thru May 15. “Leap Before You Look”.

LA LIFE: Bonsai, Leap, Nature Connects, China Town

 “Leap”, from the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston, is currently showing at the “always free” Hammer Museum and is the first comprehensive museum exhibition (200 individual works) in the US to examine the history of Black Mountain College from 1933-1957. It dynamically reveals the college’s legendary influence on the start of the midcentury American Avant-Garde and gives visitors the opportunity to explore the artistic values of the art created there from American and International artists, many of whom were escaping the rise of Fascism. See for yourself ladies.

Too bad it went broke tomatoes but Black Mountain was an undeniable force on art and culture. The LA Times says the “Leap Before You Look exhibition is one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the season…it does not disappoint. Leap offers an engrossing bit of back story to where we are today.” There you have it Ladies.

May 8. Lego Garden.  

LA LIFE: Bonsai, Leap, Nature Connects, China Town

Nature Connects Art with LEGO Bricks at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes presents art and nature together at their creative best. Artist Sean Kenney used 464,770 LEGO bricks (wow!) to create the 13 statues featured throughout the South Coast Botanic Garden. This is the first botanic garden to offer this one of a kind artistic vision and its only Los Angeles area appearance. Hey tomatoes how often do you stroll through a garden and find a giant Lego bumblebee surprising you around the corner?  Only in LA!

 Feb. 27-28. Bonsai-A-Thon.

LA LIFE: Bonsai, Leap, Nature Connects, China Town

 Yes, tomatoes, Bonsai is an art form and Southern California bonsai masters will share their passion for these amazing creations at the annual “Bonsai –A-Thon” event in the Brody Botanical Center at The Huntington this weekend.  What’s the significance, besides seeing these amazing living works of art? Well, it happens to be the yearly fundraiser for the GSBF (Golden State Bonsai Collection) with exhibits, demonstrations, prize drawings, a “bonsai bazaar”, and Bonsai workshops for adults and children. A breathtaking experience awaits you ladies.

 April 17. China Town Tour.

LA LIFE: Bonsai, Leap, Nature Connects, China TownThis may seem way ahead of time but this one-day tour exploring the history and architecture of one of LA’s oldest neighborhoods will sell out FAST ladies.  I kid you not.  It starts with an in-depth presentation at the King Hing Theatre followed by the tour.  You can immerse yourself in the rich culture and colorful street life of China Town at your own pace with knowledgeable docents available along the way.

Old Chinatown Plaza is one of the oldest plazas dating back to June of 1938. Another tidbit for you tomatoes is that LA’s China Town is one of the Nation’s first malls and is the first modern and yet traditional American Chinatown, owned and planned from the ground up by the Chinese community.


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