LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

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LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

Here’s to all the Fathers in your life! Perhaps one of these events might appeal to the Dad in your Tomato life.  Or… he might just want to chill at the beach. Tee hee! “The Father’s Day Chalk Festival” ain’t just about chalk Tomatoes. Perhaps a trip to the new exhibit at The Petersen Auto Museum might cause a thrill. There’s an important US Premiere coming to the Simon Weisenthal Center’s Peltz Theatre. Tomatoes can get the taste of summer in Culver City  with their “Spiked Lemonade Happy Hour.” And “Scripps Presents” an evening of storytelling in Grand Park DTLA. Enjoy and stay cool Ladies!

June 15 & 16. Chalk Festival

LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

More than 600 artists from all over the world turn the pavement of “Paseo Colorado” in Pasadena into breathtaking masterpieces and they’ve been doing this every Father’s Day Weekend for the past 26 years. You just have to see the “Father’s Day Pasadena Chalk Festival” to believe how amazing it is Tomatoes!

For centuries artists have painted beautiful images with chalk on the boulevards and squares of great cities, using the pavements as the street surfaces as their canvas. Well, Tomatoes, Pasadena is no different. There is much for a Dad and everyone to like at The Chalk Festival because it also offers live music, shopping, food and a Police Classic Car Show!  Hey, another place for the guys to enjoy cars gals. In 2010, The Pasadena Chalk Festival was officially named the largest street painting festival by the Guinness World Record, using over 25,000 sticks of chalk. And it is FREE and Pet Friendly.  The Pasadena Chalk Festival raises proceeds for vital arts and learning programs in the schools and cultural opportunities for those of all ages.

Petersen Auto Museum

LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

Nothing says Father’s Day like cars Tomatoes. Am I right? Well, the “Hollywood Dream Machines” exhibit just opened at the Petersen Auto Museum and this Tomato is sure it will thrill the Dad in your life.  Even if you, as a Tomato, aren’t that in to cars, it certainly sounds like a fascinating ride Ladies. 

In collaboration with Comic Con Museum, “Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy” explores cult classic films and stories with over 50 iconic vehicles from fantastic futuristic worlds. This exhibit brings pop culture’s visions of dystopian, utopian, and science fiction worlds to life. That’s Hollywood for you, Tomatoes.

Till July 22. “Anne”

LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

 “Anne, A New Play” reframes the Anne Frank story for what would have been her 90th birthday.  This new and unique adaption of the original play is making its US Premiere here at the esteemed Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Peltz Theatre. I have no doubt “Anne, A New Play” is going to be breathtaking…so don’t hesitate to get your tickets ASAP Ladies!

Through an unconventional lens, the new adaptation, by Dutch playwrights Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter, of the immortal Holocaust story rediscovers 13 year-old Anne Frank imagining her life as a young woman — safe in a post-war world. “Anne” premiered in Amsterdam in 2014. The New York Times called it a “complex portrayal of a teenage girl who is sometimes impetuous, spoiled and lonely,” noting that the play explores the family members’ lives before they hid as well as Anne’s dream of traveling to Paris. Five-time Tony award nominee Suzi Dietz is at the helm as the Producer and it is directed by incredibly talented fellow Tomato, Eve Brandstein. “Anne’s” script has been newly adapted and streamlined for American audiences by Nick Blaemire  with a fast moving running time of 75 minutes. “These historical figures are our better angels,” says Blaemire.” The play is about what we can all do for each other, and how we can live up to Anne’s story — to make sure that it never happens again.” 

And Tomatoes, I highly recommend combining a visit to the museum and the Anne Frank exhibit with “Anne, a New Play”.  Tomatoes, you will feel blessed by rediscovering Anne’s beautiful young soul. 


June 19.  Spiked Lemonade Returns

LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

Culver City is starting the summer with their “Spiked Lemonade Tasting “. Boy, oh boy Tomatoes… do I love Lemonade. Especially when it has a twist! Head to darling Downtown Culver City to find out who makes the best fresh squeezed spiked lemonade in town. What a wonderful way to relax after a long summer day and ladies the samples of lemonade are free. Yeah!

Yes Tomatoes, there’ll be making virgins as well Tomatoes. We are certainly the right age to enjoy the samples of lemonade spiked or otherwise. While you’re there, enjoy treats, tours, ticket giveaways and live music throughout the downtown area. It’s also a great time to explore Downtown Culver City with its wonderful mix of historic buildings, boutiques, theaters, galleries and unique restaurants opening onto tree-lined streets. Take advantage of Downtown’s universal valet parking system: drop your car off at any one of four locations or free parking is also available for up to one hour in any of Downtown’s three municipal parking structures. Or just leave your car at home and take the Metro’s Expo Line to the Culver City Station.

June 18 The Good Immigrant

LA LIFE: Chalk, Cars, Anne, Lemonade, Good Immigrants

 “Scripps Presents”, partnering with the Music Center & PEN America, host an evening of storytelling at Grand Park with “The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America” in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month.  The talented storytellers answer the question, “What do we want America to be?” Start thinking Tomatoes.

This question was asked of first and second generation immigrant storytellers, Nicole Dennis-Benn (whose sophomore novel, Patsy, debuts this June); Jade Chang (The Wangs vs. The World); and Dani Fernandez (Ralph Breaks the Internet, “Nerdificent”), in the new anthology “The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America” and Tomatoes can join the readings and the conversation on American Identity and how Angelenos fit into the national conversation on American identity. There’ll be local Food Trucks too, Tomatoes. 

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