LA LIFE: Desert Blooms, Los Olivos, Bloomin’ LA, Trading Post

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Southern California may not be showered in rain at the moment but we are certainly being showered in colorful blooms of all kinds and types across the Southland tomatoes. I know it’s crazy, huh, but I tell no lies and I share my two favorites. Another thing that might seem crazy is the fact I’ve never been to the mecca of wine country…Los Olivos in the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley until last weekend. Watch my video.  And if you are in the mood to shop (check out the Melrose Trading Post.

 Los Olivos

I’m giving the town of Los Olivos in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley and wine country, a triple A rating…Awesome, Adorable, Authentic and my new favorite day trip. I know it’s insane that I’ve never been to Los Olivos, especially when it is only 2 hours from LA but…better late than never right. Well, if you haven’t been either it’s just the cat’s pajamas tomatoes and the surrounding landscape is simply breathtaking. Check out my little video. 

Super Bloom – Now

LA LIFE: Desert Blooms, Los Olivos, Bloomin’ LA, Trading Post

Yes, ladies it’s “Super Bloom” time in Death Valley.   Super Bloom, a mythical term but certainly accurate, refers to this Super Rare occurrence that hasn’t happened in Death Valley for 11 years. Yep it only happens once a decade.  Right now Death Valley is blanketed in pink, yellow, purple and red colors with more than a dozen types of wild flowers in their full glory located in harshest and hottest place on earth.  Gotta get your bums there tomatoes before it’s too late.  Get the details.

Bloomin LA – Now

LA LIFE: Desert Blooms, Los Olivos, Bloomin’ LA, Trading Post

If Death Valley isn’t an option, then you can see a rainbow of colors and blooms at Descanso Gardens this time of year.  Descanso Gardens …a “one stop shop” … so to speak.  Of course, you have your Cherry Blossoms with the Cherry Blossom Festival March 12 and 13. Surprisingly ladies they’ve got a plethora of other flowers and trees brightly showcasing their buds and blooms. When the rest of the country is praying for spring isn’t it wonderful tomatoes we can walk through an ocean of blooms and color in our wonderful city now.

Besides the Cherry Blossoms Descanso has your Camelia’s, Malus Flowering Crabapples, Western Redbud, California Bay Laurel, Feathery Cassia…even Tulips and Lilacs are making an appearance ladies. 

Melrose Trading Post

LA LIFE: Desert Blooms, Los Olivos, Bloomin’ LA, Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post, considered one of the top 5 flea markets in LA by CBS LA, has a super duper vibe. It’s eclectic and diverse, not only in vendors and their goods but in attendees as well. “A something for everyone” treasure hunt with 200 vendors, a food court and live music and only $3 to get in. That’s practically free tomatoes! 

There is stylin’ used clothes, expertly reworked vintage clothing and furniture, handmade jewelry, records, even succulents and more. I think it’s an extraordinary budget friendly shopping experience gals. I hear they sell crepes too so I won’t miss that next time around.

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Sweet Tomato Lady,
    I just wandered into your web site and love it! I have a wonderful flea market, too, Topanga Vintage Market. Being a tomato like you, I think you would enjoy it!
    We are also one of LA’s top 5 fleas, but since we are in the West Valley, we do not have the off-the-chart hipster quotient found at Melrose. Instead we are known as “the laid back flea” and “the nice flea.” We have about 180 vintage & antiques vendors, a local Artists Alley, 4 or 5 great food trucks, and live music. All for $3! Kids and veterans/armed forces are always free.
    Swing by on Easter Sunday, or the 4th Sunday of any month, and please stop by the info booth and say hi to me and Lori if you do!
    Thanks for your fun blog!
    ps Please do not bring your pets. Sorry, only service dogs allowed.

  1. September 7, 2016

    […] wine specials, yummy food and wonderful music. That certainly makes a day trip or an overnighter to Los Olivos  well worth your while […]

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