LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

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LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

The cooler temps and the early sunsets evoke the feelings of fall in Los Angeles. Red Tricycle gives you the skinny on where to go to get a glimpse of emerging fall colors. Enjoying a celebration of Asian Culture with the Virtual Autumn Festival at the Aquarium of the Pacific couldn’t be more perfect this time of year.  The American Indian Arts Marketplace at The Autry Museum is back. The Matzo Ball Diaries is another timely and classic Salon experience. This week’s podcast is all about underactive thyroids. And a special invite to a FREE event about two amazing women in the Arctic.

Signs of Fall

LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

You know that I don’t mind sharing other publications articles when they have a great list of recommendations for Tomato Subscribers.  I like to give credit where credit is due when it makes my job a little easier. Well…Red Tricycle LA has a superb list of where Tomatoes can see Fall leaves.  Yeah!

The list includes the 11 best places to see Fall colors within a short drive with a vast variety of locations so at least one or more of the places might be near you. The article also includes a California Fall Color Map to help guide you. I love it! Check it out Tomatoes, so you can bask in the glory of fall…in and around Los Angeles.

Everything You Need to Know about Hypothyroidism

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Did you know that over 30% of women are diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid gland? Symptoms can include fog brain, fatigue, hair loss, difficulty losing weight, and more. Listen in to this interview with Dr. Hugh Melnick, a well-known NYC endocrinologist, about the causes and treatments of this often-undiagnosed issue. LISTEN IN.

November 14.  Aquarium of The Pacific Autumn Festival

LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

The 19th annual Autumn Festival from The Aquarium of the Pacific brings the magic of experiencing fall in China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines to all of us, virtually. It’s a wonderful chance for Tomatoes to immerse themselves in the arts, cultures and marine environments of Asia. Pretty darn cool, Tomatoes.

There are a plethora of learning experiences and entertainment throughout the day for the whole family while highlighting the rich diversity of Asian and Asian-American cultures and traditions.   It’s a FREE streaming event and no tickets or reservations are required, Tomatoes. Woo-Hoo!

More Martini Wisdom


November 14 & 15.  American Indian Arts Marketplace

LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

What better way to celebrate American Indian Heritage Month, Tomatoes, than virtually visiting “The American Indian Arts Market Place” this weekend at the Autry. Tomatoes can peruse virtual artist’s booths, interact with Native artists and purchase one of a kind artwork, jewelry, and fashion.  You don’t even need to put on your shopping shoes, Tomatoes.

Top Native American Artists have items for sale like sculptures, pottery, beadwork, basketry, photography, paintings, jewelry, textiles, wooden carvings, mixed-media works, and more. Wow! That’s a mighty long list of beautiful wares Gals. The marketplace also includes fascinating talks, film programs, and a live virtual Short Play Festival from Native Voices, the Autry’s resident theatre company.  It’s comforting that such a traditional and amazing event has returned, Tomatoes.

Nov. 18. Special Invite: Learn About Two Amazing Women Scientists

LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

Meet Carina Vinberg, co-author of Changing Conversations for a Changing World, and learn the story of how Carina came to coach two courageous women scientists, Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm who became the first women in history to winter in the Arctic without men, in a small uninsulated trapper’s hut,” with no running water or electricity, subjected to one of the harshest climates on earth, surrounded by polar bears and total darkness. SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE EVENT.

November 22. Matzo Ball Diaries

LA LIFE: Fall Leaves, Marketplace, Autumn Festival, Matzo Balls and More

Oh, the healing power of food! Well…I love food and we could sure use some healing this year! The Matzo Ball Diaries tells the secret stories of food and how they have the power to nourish us, heal us or move us to action.  One performance only on Zoom, Tomatoes, so get your tickets ASAP! 

The Matzo Ball Diaries JWT classic Salon, live on Zoom, is giving you and your family an opportunity for some unique pre-Thanksgiving gratitude, Tomatoes.  It is definitely a good time to reflect on the year. And what is Salon Theatre? For those who might not be aware, traditional Salon Theatre, is a gathering of people in gracious homes to discover new arts, enjoy music, hear plays read and share ideas.  No one does it better than Jewish Women’s Theatre even on Zoom, Tomatoes.

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