LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

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LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

The art above is a wonderful piece by multi-talented artist Annie Wood. Annie is featured in “The Evolution of A Woman” art show that highlights the female perspective with all-female fabulously talented artists. I love it! Speaking of talent, powerful inspiration and hope for our future can be found at Music Center’s “Very Special Arts Festival”.  How about celebrating Earth Month with a beach cleanup hosted by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Holy Moly, with so many museums gradually opening, the times are looking up, Tomatoes! Do you sometimes feel invisible by advertisers? Listen in to this week’s podcast. And join us for a LIVE Facebook event this Sunday—we’re celebrating poetry!

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

When it comes to marketing to women over 40, brands either don’t see us, or don’t see us as we see ourselves. Why are so many advertisers missing the mark? Erica Fite, a Co-Founder of Fancy, a woman owned NYC ad agency that specializes in helping brands understand how to market to women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond, shares her insights. They recently surveyed 500 women over 40 who had a lot to say on this topic. LISTEN IN.

April 25. Join us on Facebook a Celebration of Poetry

The Three Tomatoes Poetry Night


Till May 16.  The Evolution of A Woman

LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

I believe that art in its many forms can light the world.  Sadly, and historically, the female perspective is often missing. But, with the mind-blowing talents of female artists, such as friend and fellow Tomato Annie Wood, being on view in “The Evolution of A Woman” Art Show their incredible art is front and center, Tomatoes.

The acknowledgment, presentation, and collecting of female-identifying artists still needs improvement. That is why it is important to support female artists vision equally. This all-female show at the Laurie Shapiro’s Studio Gallery features the amazing work of artists Ibuki Kuramochi, Annie Wood, Alexandra Carter, Ilaria De Plano, Lauren Jenkins, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, and Mary Margaret Groves. This show is curated by Olivia Mia Orozco, founder of Performative Pop-Ups, and collaborator with Laurie Shapiro both at Radiant Space and around Los Angeles. All these uber talented women deserve a big shout out and the public, on a large scale, deserve seeing and enjoying their unique perspective and artistry.

Very Special Arts Festival Music Center

LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

The 42ndVery Special Arts Festival” from the Music Center is, undoubtedly, very, very special and… moving. This year’s annual inclusive festival event, “Seeds of Kindness”, celebrating the artistic achievements of students with all abilities, has gone virtual. May the seeds take root in your heart, Tomatoes.

There is the video filled with the talent of young artists’ dance and musical performances.

And there is also a virtual gallery where you can browse to see the amazing artwork of students.  In addition, the kiddoes in your life, and perhaps you, will benefit from the variety of artistic workshops being offered. You will love seeing all the young talent out there that will make the future much brighter, Tomatoes.

April 24. Earth Day Beach Cleanup

LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which has the largest collection of SoCal marine life in the world, is hosting a Cabrillo Beach Earth Day Clean Up in San Pedro, tomorrow.  What a great way to celebrate the 51st Earth Day, Tomatoes.

Plus… you can help a local researcher with his data collection by recording the trash you pick up!  All you need is to download the app “Clean Swell”.  So, grab your mask, reusable gloves, and buckets and head to Cabrillo Beach to enjoy the fresh coastal air while showing the beach your love, Tomatoes.

Open Museums

LA LIFE: Female Artists, Special Festival, Beach Cleanup, Museums Open

It is so wonderful that so many museums have or will open. Tickles me pink! It might be a little overwhelming, but I spied 2 thorough and updated lists that will help guide you through it all. Yes, many of the openings have limited access and capacity, but I’m, oh so grateful, for the baby steps in the right direction. I hope this will make you happy, Tomatoes.

LA MAG and Discover Los Angeles have put together list of openings that should help Tomatoes decide what museum to hit first. On my humble priority list is The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, if for no other reason than to see the newly restored “Blue Boy” and the “Made in LA” Exhibit. What a joy to visit a museum again, Tomatoes!

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