LA Life: Free Museums, Poetry, Understanding Dementia, Year of the Pig

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La Life, Santa Monica Mountains

A new month and a sign of hope and rebirth, Tomatoes, in the fire ravaged Santa Monica Mountains. It’s “Free Museum Days” this weekend and I’ll give you the skinny on the “Discover & Go” program from the LA Library. Poetry is moving and grooving, Gals, with Eve Brandstein’s “Poetry in Motion Herstory 2” this Saturday. I love pigs so I love that this is the Year of the Pig and you can celebrate with a parade in China Town.  The Three Tomatoes has launched the Happy Hour Podcast and I’m tickled pink to be a part of it. My first episode has just hit the airwaves.

Feb 2 & 3.  Discover Free Museum Days

LA Life, Free Museum Days

Over 40 institutions are participating in the 14th annual SoCal Museums “Free Museum Days” including the Getty, Hammer Museum, The Broad, NHM, La Brea Tar Pits and on and on.  Also, did you know that with a Library Card you can get free admission to Los Angeles Museums regularly Tomatoes?  Well, you can with the “Discover & Go” Program.

Under the “Discover and Go” program Tomatoes can reserve FREE passes to local museums.   It sure makes sense to get a library card and keep it in good standing.  I love this partnership between libraries and cultural institutions! Woo Hoo!

Feb 2.  Poetry in Motion-Herstory 2

Las Life, Even Brandsteins Poetry in Motion

Yes, Tomatoes, I’m here to say that poetry is cool, especially when it’s an all-female evening of high quality women’s original poetry and stories. Eve Brandsteins’ “Poetry in Motion Herstory 2” is a wonderful way for Tomatoes to celebrate the spoken word and women.

I’m so excited to be attending and I hope to see you there, gals. Performers for Herstory 2 include Anne Beatts, Kelly Carlin, Diane Sherry Case, Barra Grant, Monica Piper, Penny Peyser, and Carrie White. Eve Brandstein, well-known major studio & network executive of the highest caliber, Norman Lear’s casting director, a professional director, working writer, perpetual poet & fine artist, started “Poetry in Motion” in 1988 where, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, she presents an eclectic array of writers from the literary and Hollywood communities.  Since then she has presented original work from some of the entertainment industry’s most remarkable talents both before and after they became well known. Poetry in Motion has long been known as a warm “well lighted place” for creative minds at every stage of their artistic and professional development. Each event offers an evening of great entertainment and creative community with artists at every level and in every media.  

Feb 5. Understanding Dementia

LA Life, Underanding Alzheimer's and Dementia

Did you know Tomatoes, that 50 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia worldwide? Staggering. The Alzheimer’s Association will be presenting a workshop on “Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia” Tuesday, February 5th from 2:30pm-4pm at Aegis Living of Granada Hills. This is such a valuable opportunity Tomatoes to understand all the complexities of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

You must R.S.V.P to the Concierge at Aegis of Granada Hills either by phone (818) 363-3373 or email . I have a Mother in Memory Care at Aegis of Granada Hills, Ladies, and I still don’t understand all the stages, risk factors, different symptoms and treatments for Alzheimer’s and Dementia and impact it has.  If you have a loved one or a friend suffering from some type of Dementia do yourself a big favor and attend this seminar. 

Feb 9. Year of the Pig

LA Life, Lunar New Year

The day of the Lunar New Year is the most celebrated holiday of the year for nearly 1.5 million persons of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese descent in Southern California.  Anyone, Tomatoes, can celebrate one of Los Angeles’ oldest cultural tradition and enjoy The Year of the Pig.

It is not only a celebration of the New Year but a celebration of ethnic diversity, Chinese Culture and Chinese-American businesses. And they’ve been doing it for 120 years in Los Angeles. A great FREE cultural experience for any Angelino.  Plus, there is lots of cool stuff to do while there besides gourmet food trucks and entertainment.

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