LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

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LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

“I’m Baaaaack!”  Please excuse my necessary absence for the past three weeks. Several of our gardens are open again with reservations. Who knew there was a Bear Flag Museum? Well, now you know and it’s super cool. There are a lot of people doing good in these difficult times and I’ve selected two that deserve a “Shout Out.” The Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit is back…virtually this year…with new episodes each week for 4 weeks. And I have a suggestion for a short read that you might find comforting, Tomatoes. Check out this week’s podcast too. I’m happy to be in the saddle again and there’s lots to share.

Now Playing at The Virtual Renewal Summit

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

We launched our first two episodes of our ten panel Renewal Summit, this week. They will inform and inspire you. Stay tuned for next week’s videos. WATCH NOW.

Open Gardens

You must make reservations and wear face coverings but it is so worth it to stroll or hike in the beautiful gardens in Palos Verdes, La Canada and Arcadia. It’s not only good for you Tomatoes but helps support the gardens as well South Coast Botanic Garden, Descanso GardensThe LA Arboretum.

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

So listen up Tomatoes, it’s not just women who struggle with middle age and we were so excited to welcome Chris Cimino and Rick Sommers who recently launched The Middle Aged Warriors podcast. We had a fun and illuminating conversation with these two terrific guys who want to encourage other guys to—get this—talk about their feelings. Listen in here.

The Bear Flag Museum

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

I kid you not.  There is a museum totally dedicated to our California State Flag and it’s been virtual since it was the trendy thing to do.  Anything and everything about our California State Bear Flag and its history can be found there today, Tomatoes.

William Trinkle, Executive Director, of The Bear Flag Museum, just happened upon a photo of the original Bear Flag from 1846, long before this flag became the official state flag. The original Bear Flag was thought to be non-existent, but Trinkle as happenstance would have it, began the 14-year journey of this unique museum…virtually.  The Bear Flag had a long history (65 years) before it became the flag of the State. History of the state flag is the focus on the site, but the museum also focuses on the law and culture surrounding the flag. The wealth of information that Trinkle and his wife have gathered and created on California’s state flag is fascinating.  If you love California History or just have your interest peaked, now is the perfect time to check it out.

Love Kit

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

Made by DWC wants to show support for their fellow Angelinos who have been selflessly adhering to the Stay Safe at Home orders which is of the utmost importance right now. They are doing that with their Love Kit. We can all use a bit of extra love right now, Tomatoes. 

This special kit that brings the outdoors in, features their favorite LA Original Made Candles with 3 inspiring and lovely scents. This project was in collaboration with the Mayor’s Fund of Los Angeles and the Mayors Office of Economic Development to celebrate LA as the creative capital of the world.  And the scents chosen for the candles celebrates the city’s geographic diversity and beauty.

LA Shopping Helpers

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

Sisters, Kayla Newman and Leeat Hatzav, had their college journey suddently interrupted by the Covid 19 Crisis but instead of worrying about themselves they co-founded and started LA Shopping Helpers and these young women and their nonprofit are amazing, Tomatoes. 

Their goal is to unite the Los Angeles community to help its seniors and immunocompromised get through COVID-19 together. They believe by taking care of our neighbors only makes our community stronger and helps create a safer and healthier neighborhood.  “When we all do a little, we can do so much!” There are many ways to support their mission Tomatoes.  Check them out to find out about volunteer opportunities, donations and ways to get their message to friends and family or if you need their help.

Pandemic Protocol

LA LIFE: Gardens, Flags, Love, Shopping, Six Feet, Renewal Summit

There has been a ton written about these tragic times but finding insight and sound observations with a flavor of humor isn’t as easy.  So, Tomatoes, I’m sharing “Pandemic Protocol: Walking When the Only Distance That Matters is Six Feet,” by friend and fellow LA Tomato, author, writer and entertainer extraordinaire, Lorraine Devon Wilke.

The article debuted on April 3rd and now almost 2 months later it still rings true. I have been so frustrated and, I admit, scared by seeing people on the streets not observing the 6-foot rule or failing to wear a mask to protect others when it is ridiculously simple and easy. I found this article comforting knowing that I’m not alone in the way I feel.  My hope is that every fellow citizen finally gets the importance of our duty to keep each other safe and follow a few rules so we can open up safely, stay open and beat down this horrible virus. Thank you, Lorraine, for your sharing your gifted insight. 

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