LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

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LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

Yep, Tomatoes, the summer is heating up but there is a lot of shade in the beautiful gardens that are open for a lovely stroll. The Natural History Museums Gardens “Summer Nights” is being brought to you virtually this year. If you feel like dancing your heart out, the “Dancing from the Heart” online workshops are definitely for you. The 70’s are turning 50…oh my…and there is a special online tour offered by The LA Conservancy celebrating the 70’s in California.  And I just received a t-shirt I love from a wonderful company call East Coast Tags. Angelino Tomatoes are strong, smart and resilient and I hope you, your friends and family are all healthy. We will make it through this difficult time until we all see the back of it. Makes us joyful for the gift of growing older, which was the topic of this week’s Happy Hour Podcast.  

Open Now. The Huntington & Mathias Botanical Gardens

LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

The Huntington Library, Art and Botanical Gardens  has just reopened most of its 130 acres of gardens with lots of safety measures in Pasadena, Tomatoes. Yeah! And on the other side of town, the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden is also open and there is lots blooming in July. Woo Hoo!

So, it is time to enjoy these two incredible outdoor living museums and you can do that with peace of mind because of all the safety measures they have implemented. Both gardens have an amazing array of unique, native and diverse plants collected from around the world that might just blow your mind.  And it may be hot now, but there is lots still blooming, and the shade is plentiful in both gardens, Tomatoes.

 The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Listen in.

July 13. FREE Relationships Workshop from the Hamptons!

LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

Our Beatty Cohan, a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, author, national speaker, columnist and national radio and television expert guest, does a wonderful series of workshops from the Hamptons called Rate Your Mate BEFORE It’s Too Late–Never make a Mistake in Love Again. But thanks to ZOOM, LA Tomatoes can join in too.  Sign up here.

Starts July 10. NHM Summer Nights at Home

LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

Starting tonight, the Natural History Museum’s “Summer Nights” on Friday evenings is coming on over to your place. Way Cool! The museum and the gardens may be closed for now, but you can celebrate your summer nights with nature, music and expanding your mind without leaving the safety of your home, Tomatoes. 

Fix yourself a DIY botanical cocktail and enjoy NHM’s events happening live with DJ tunes and join in on a talk with Museum Staff who’ll be getting to the root of plants from the present day all the way back to the Ice Age. Imbibe, relax and learn about plants today. Methinks that hits all the pleasurable buttons, Tomatoes.  

July 11, 14, 19. Dance from the Heart Workshops

LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

Dance your heart out or…should I say…dance your heart open, Tomatoes?  The Dance from the Heart Introductory Online Workshops, brought to you from the wonderful Sophia Kozak   of The Critical Mass Dance Company, are designed to ground you, uplift your spirit and help you re-connect with your body and tune into your heart’s wisdom on the virtual dance floor.

In my opinion, dancing is just plain fun and is a great cardio workout, Tomatoes. But these workshops go further by teaching 7 steps to embodying your intentions from the heart with movement so you can tune in to your hearts wisdom and  dance your dreams into being.  If ever there was a time, Tomatoes, to move out of your stress and dancing in joy, boy oh boy, that time is now. They hope to see you on the virtual dance floor. 

A $10-$25 donation is asked for, but no one will be turned away because of lack of funds.  Ain’t that something, Tomatoes. Check out the classes and check out the amazing work The Critical Mass Dance Company and Sophia Kozak does in our community. CMDC fosters the healing and empowerment of underserved girls and women (trans, cis, and gender non-conforming inclusive) in Los Angeles through heart-centered movement 

July 22. California in the 70’s

California in the 70’s, The Mindset, the Materials, the Architects LA Conservancy Tour & Talk is going to be spectacular.  And the perfect place for this virtual tour and discussion is the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in DTLA which is still today one of our most beloved and iconic landmarks.  Tomatoes can discover the secrets of this labyrinthine that evokes the 1970’s vision virtually.

It’s a year-long celebration by The LA Conversancy and their first tour & talk installment on July 22nd centers around the John Portman designed structure, The Bonaventure Hotel, and the use of circular shapes, massive forms, and the concept of space as experience.  The Tour is followed by a Panel discussion with highly respected experts discussing how Los Angeles gave rise to a hotbed of architectural ingenuity for a group of extraordinary and revolutionary architects during the 1970s. That’s how LA rocks and rolls, Tomatoes.

East Coast Tags

LA LIFE: Gardens, Summer Nights, Dancing, 70’s Turn 50, T-Shirts

I just received a cool t-shirt from East Coast Tags, which happens to by my cousin’s daughter, Michele Grecni’s, wonderful and innovative website and company, East Coast Tags. Tomatoes can create, shop or sell or do all three with all kinds of products at East Coast Tags. As you can see, I just LOVE my t-shirt, its quality and I can’t wait to order another one, Tomatoes. Bravo East Coast Tags!

I’m so proud of her and the entire concept behind her company so I just had to give a big “shout out.”East Coast Tags is owned and operated by 27-year-old Michelle Grecni, and for 4 years she has been the focused eccentric force behind East Coast Tags.  Because she has been an athlete her whole life, the business runs on principles of discipline and accountability.  It’s just in her amazing and talented nature, Gals. “Every day that we are open is a day to produce amazing designs on comfortable and stylish clothing. Every day we aim to be better than we were yesterday.” I promise you, Tomatoes, she says what she means! Check out East Coast Tags. 

This Sweet Life

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