LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

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LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

Yes, Tomatoes, it is Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you have a lovely one and take a moment to remember the true meaning behind this holiday. “The Hats & Flats Garden Party” is 9 days away! Get on the list for a fab free gift bag! There’s a new offering at Theatre 40, “A Bad Year for Tomatoes”, and with that title how could I not give it a big shout. Barnsdall Art Park is the place to be on Friday summer evenings. Rosie’s Beach in Long Beach will make your heart dance and sing. And if you are in a festival mood, I’ve got a few suggestions.

June 2.  The Three Tomatoes LA “Hats & Flats Garden Party”

Will Lady Deborah fit into the garden frock ordered from the elite fashion house Amazon Prime? Will the high anticipation of “THE event of the season” overly stress Lady Deborah and bring on the vapors?  Will the prized garden flora & blooms rebound after the head gardener’s over-zealous trimming? Lady in Waiting Flora Digby’s says, “all will be well” …especially when champagne is flowing. The truth will be revealed at Chatsworth Manor Garden so get your tickets ASAP!

The truth is… the Lady of all Ladies, Lady Deborah, is counting the seconds till you grace her garden with your esteemed presence.  Lady Penelope  (aka Penny Peyser) is preparing for her first public performance and the legendary Lord EJ Buttercup is fine tuning the sound so his music will rock us genteel Ladies to the dance floor.

Remember, only THE very finest of Los Angeles Tomatoes & their guests have been extended an invitation.  Guests will  be treated to tasty bites, refreshments, champagne, music, gift bags, best hat contest and a few surprises. Space is limited to 40, so reserve your space for June 2nd and purchase your $10 ticket by May 29.

Listen in to this week’s Happy Hour Podcast.

May 16-June 16.  A Bad Year for Tomatoes

LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

Well, I will definitely be heading to Theatre 40,  to see this play, “A Bad Year for Tomatoes” as it looks marvelously fun, it’s about Tomatoes and I can’t wait to see the extraordinary Ann Ryerson (see above)  on stage shining brightly and making me laugh out loud.  I suggest LA Tomatoes hop to it and get their tickets pronto since the run is short.  Maybe I’ll see you there and we can guffaw together.

A “Bad Year for Tomatoes” is a charming comedy about the best laid plans.  It is directed by Larry Eisenberg and  stars Diana Angelina, Amanda Conlon, David Datz, William Joseph Hill, Ann Ryerson, Leda Siskind, Jeffrey Winner. And a little birdie told me that the restaurant “Il Moro” is wonderful  and a perfect place to have dinner before seeing the play.  I also heard they have a great Happy Hour as well. 

And the play, presented by Theatre 40 , is a Beverly Hills Professional Award-Winning Theatre Company, at the beautiful Reuben Cordova Theatre.  According to the LA Times, “Theatre 40 is one of the oldest, finest and among the most respected of all the small theaters in all of Los Angeles. With over 450 productions to their credit and over 300 drama Critics awards for excellence, Theatre 40 is one of L.A.’s best. Excellent production qualities, great selection of plays, an elegant intimate theater and always free parking!” Need we say more?!

May 31 – Sept 6.  Sunsets & Wine

LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation  will again be presenting “Barnsdall Friday Wine Tastings” starting next Friday and it is the perfect way for a Tomato to de-stress and cool-down on a Friday spring/summer evening. The season in LA is made even more enjoyable during the cooler evening temps with a glass of wine, food trucks, ice cream and a sunset to die for. These lovely wine tastings sell out fast so chop… chop… Tomatoes.

The summer-long series is a fundraiser for the magnificent Barnsdall Art Park, its projects, art programs, historic renovations and Gallery exhibitions.  Wow that’s a lot! Ongoing partner Silverlake Wine will curate their fine selection of boutique artisanal wines and there will be rotating food trucks available each week, but you are also welcomed to bring your own picnic. I love picnics! If you want to take a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, you can do so at an additional cost. Sipping wine with a stunning view for a great cause is always delightful Tomatoes.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

My daughter recently moved to Long Beach, so I will be talking a lot about Long Beach in future newsletters because I found it to be totally AWESOME!  First up Tomatoes… “Rosie’s Dog Beach” in Belmont Shores Long Beach. 4 acres of sheer delight and joy where happy well-adjusted furry friends can frolic in the surf, soak in the sun, have tail wagging fun and run to their hearts content in LA County’s ONLY off leash dog beach.  It tickled me pink and I didn’t even have a dog there, Tomatoes. 

It’s truly a Puppy Paradise and has been so for 16 years in Long Beach.  Justin Rudd founded Rosie’s Dog Beach in 2003, and it is still the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County. In 2010, the city re-named the 4-acre dog friendly stretch of beach to “Rosie’s Dog Beach” in memory of Justin’s precious bull dog Rosie. “Rosie was my first bulldog. We did everything together and she enjoyed going to the beach. She was in her happy place when she was there.” Today Justin is a proud Daddy to a 6-year-old bulldog named Potus.  Way to go Justin.   Rosie’s Dog Beach is truly a magical place for dog owners, doggies and anyone who enjoys a gorgeous beach and loves dog watching.

Festivals Galore

LA LIFE: Hats & Flats, Theatre, Sunsets & Wine, Dog Beach & Festivals

Memorial Day weekend is chock full of festivals.  You’ve got your Valley Greek Festival in Northridge, Fiesta Hermosa in…yep Hermosa Beach and Topanga Days in Topanga Canyon and each one gives you a taste of something different from the other but they all sound fun and festive ladies.

It’s all Greek but you don’t have to be Greek to enjoy the “Valley Greek Festival’ in Northridge. It’s only $3 to attend and both kids and adults over 65 are FREE!  Since 1972, the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce has produced “Fiesta Hermosa”, the largest arts & crafts fair in SoCal, over 400 hundred vendors gals, with the ocean as the backdrop to boot.   For those in need of a nostalgic Bohemian feeling “Topanga Days” definitely meets those needs amongst the mountain beauty of Topanga Canyon.

Memorial Day is not just a 3-day weekend holiday for us and the start of summer.  Memorial Day is an American holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. So, Tomatoes let’s take a moment on this Monday May 27th to remember the true meaning of the day. Let’s take a moment to honor the brave men and women we have lost, who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice.

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