LA Life: Haunted Hayride, Rain, Ted

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BOO! It’s Halloween! Up for a hayride this weekend tomatoes? Well just head to the old zoo at Griffith Park.  This Sunday, Ted Koppel will be conversing with Paula Poundstone about his new book, “Lights Out”. We may not be experiencing El Nino yet but there is rain at LACMA.

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

LA Life: Haunted Hayride, Rain, Ted, the three tomatoesThey claim it is the scariest and most haunting experience in LA with 4 scare zones besides the Haunted Hayride.  In-between Dark Maze with new twists, Trick or Treat, House of Shadows and old favorites like Theatre Macabre, Death row, Jacks Carving Shack, Scary Go Round and many more make it so much more than a scary hayride…It’s a full on Halloween experience.  I don’t think it’s advisable to close your eyes while there tomatoes especially since they say “THERE. IS. A. BOOGEYMAN!!!!” If you see him gals DON’T tell him I say “Hi”! The Three Tomatoes is not responsible if the Boogeyman “gets you”!

If you insist upon going tomatoes you can find The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park. Remember ladies there is a dark presence there so go at your own risk and be wary! Tee hee!

Nov. 1. Ted Koppel.

LA Life: Haunted Hayride, Rain, Ted, the three tomatoesAfter Halloween you might be in the mood for some intellectual stimulation combined with humor.  I think you can easily find that with “Ted Koppel In Conversation with Paula Poundstone” at The Wallis on Sunday.  These highly respected, acclaimed and award winning dynamos in their field will explore the very real threat of cyber-attacks as weapons of mass destruction which is the focus of Ted Koppels new book, “Lights Out” (included in the price of your ticket). And Paula Poundstone will help to make everything hilariously clear, straight forward, irreverent and insightful in her unique way.  What an evening gals.


Nov. 1-March 6. The Rain Room 

LA Life: Haunted Hayride, Rain, Ted, the three tomatoesRain is here and it doesn’t get you wet either. Can you believe it? And El Nino hasn’t arrived so but if you need a dose of rain in your life it can be found at LACMA.

Rain Room,” is an art installation at LACMA where visitors are able to walk through a simulated downpour without getting wet.  The installation is comprised of  roughly 2,500 square feet with sensors that adjust the falling water to keep you dry as you move through the space.  Ain’t that somethin’ gals. This exhibit was a huge hit in London and New York, so with our record drought and thirsty Angelinos I’m sure it will be extremely popular here. You might want to get your tickets now for this remarkable experience where the impossible is made possible.

 And no water will be wasted tomatoes.  The water used for the display is “recycled through a “closed loop system with minimal evaporation and replenishment.” Phew. So enjoy.


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