LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

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Feel like you need a vacation Tomatoes but just can’t swing it yet? Well…sometimes the best vacation is a staycation and the “Spiked Tropical Punch Tasting” in Culver City is a great escape. I am truly excited about these incredible women saxophonists, “The Tipton’s Sax Quartet”, performing at The Hammer. The cultural wonders of Little Tokyo are celebrated with the “78th Nisei Japanese Festival.”  The Beverly Wilshire Hotel has an absolutely delightful secret that all Tomatoes can enjoy. How can you not love Honeybees? “The Valley Hive” is having a very special event on Sunday to celebrate “National Honeybee Day”.

August 11 – 19. Nisei Week.

LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

What’s Nisei? “Nisei” refers to a person born in the US whose parents immigrated from Japan. And “Nisei Week” is a festival, the largest in Little Tokyo, celebrating Japanese and Japanese American heritage and traditions while bringing together the diverse communities of Southern California. It’s free and chock full of marvelous cultural exhibitions, entertainment and activities Tomatoes!

You can enjoy Japanese prefectural displays as well as artisans skilled in Ikebana Flower Arrangement & Bonsai, Kimekomi Japanese Dolls & Yukari Kai Dolls that are hand-made and hand-painted dressed in beautiful Japanese fabrics, Ceramics, Calligraphy and a Japanese Tea Ceremony.  So much to do and so much fun to be had in Little Tokyo the next two weekends gals.

Aug 15. Tropical Staycation

LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

Spiked Tropical Punch is what Downtown Culver City will be serving to make you feel like you are in a Tropical Paradise, ladies…without the stress of travel, of course.  To enhance the experience, the sound of the tropics will be playing to make the staycation complete. I could certainly use this kind of an escape if only for an evening.

As always for these events, check in at any participating businesses to pick up at any “Third Wednesday Passport” and be sure to turn it in at the end of the night so you don’t miss out on the raffle to win a prize.  Just sayin’ Tomatoes.

August 16. All Female Sax Quartet Jazz Pop

LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

Tomatoes have the opportunity to hear this historic all-women sax quartet at the Hammer. Comprised of four superlative women saxophonist/vocalist/composers, the “Tipton’s Sax Quartet” celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and gives the Hammer and its “Jazz Pop” audience some of the wildest sounds to ever come out of a sax

This concert is the 3rd and last of the Hammer’s annual creative jazz festival featuring visionary West Coast musicians/composters, whose imaginative musical minds defy categorizations.  The “Tipton’s Sax Quartet” definitely fits in to this festival perfectly. Their music is unapologetically eclectic, and their dynamic and playful concerts feature high-energy interaction between the members. I imagine it will be hard to stay in your seats Tomatoes.  So, rock on Tomatoes.

Till September 3.  Secret Rose’ Garden

LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

Now this is something Lady Deborah (Me) would adore.  A hidden oasis that transports you the glory days of the Hotel’s iconic rooftop garden lounge of the 60’s & 70’s, is sure to charm even the most critical of Tomato Ladies.

The summertime pop-up to celebrate the Hotel’s 90th anniversary, features light bites, an extensive variety of rosés, playful libations, and rooftop bocce and badminton on the famed Rodeo Terrace with a garden donned in flowers and a 55-foot floral wall.  Wow!

And making your way through a perfectly pink passageway to the hidden garden oasis doesn’t hurt the elegance and whimsical ambience either Tomatoes.

August 12.  National Honey Bee Day

LA LIFE: Honey Bees, Staycation, Rose’ Garden, Japanese Festival, Music

There’s a reason I have a lot of plants in my back garden to attract bees Tomatoes…Bee Cause I love honeybees. Tee hee!  So, I’ll be celebrating the 3rd Annual “National Honey Bee Day” at The Valley Hive  this Sunday. There’ll also be a Honey Competition & Recipe Contest.  Come hungry and ready to party Tomatoes.

Food and drinks – made with the Valley Hive’s signature honey varieties- will be available for purchase. Local vendors and artists will be on hand and crafts and activities for kids and adults alike will be available. Everyone is invited to attend and sample backyard honey from beekeepers all over Los Angeles and taste dishes made with honey. I promise you will love The Valley Hive and celebrating National Honeybee Day with them, Tomatoes.


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