LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

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LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

It’s JuneTeenth, today, and time to celebrate the end of slavery, Tomatoes. Take a moment to better understand and reflect on its meaning with a concert. Got an update on an LA’s Garden that has just opened. Pasadena’s Father’s Day Chalk Festival is back and it’s virtual.  Tomatoes can Zoom into Wine.  And Petersen’s Auto Museum is re-opening today, just in time for Father’s Day. Check out this week’s new Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit episodes and don’t forget to watch Moi on the very important Heart Health episode that premiered last week. Women really need to take care of their hearts.   Join me at Songs of Hope for Girls, a virtual fundraiser. And to all the Father’s out there, have a great day. Stay safe, smart and healthy Tomatoes!

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LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos


Today JuneTeenth

LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

With JuneTeenth in the news so frequently as of late and the growing support for that Independence Day and the Black Lives Matter movement, I felt it was important for me to explore more deeply the meaning & history of this date in our nation. And boy, oh boy, my eyes were totally opened. And if you are hesitant to attend the many public events celebrating Juneteenth, there’s a great event online with Alicia Keyes and John Legend tonight starting at 5pm. 

And did you know, Tomatoes, that Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the US that began June 19th in Galveston Texas in 1865? Wait a minute.  Didn’t the Emancipation Proclamation become official in 1863?  Yes, but…it had little impact on Texas due to the minimal number of Union troops to enforce the new Executive Order.  There have been other versions circulating through the years as to the reason for the delay, but questions still remain. But with the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to push back and overwhelm the resistance.  Thank Goodness!   Today, Juneteenth celebrates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement, Tomatoes.

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June 18-21. Father’s Day Pasadena Chalk Festival

LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

Believe it or not, The Father’s Day Pasadena Chalk Festival is back. I promise. More than 600 artists from all over the world turn the pavement of “Paseo Colorado” in Pasadena into breathtaking masterpieces for the past 27 years but this year it is going VIRTUAL, Tomatoes.

The Virtual Pasadena Chalk Festival is open to everyone – no entry forms required. Between June 18-21, simply select a place where you are able to comfortably draw an awesome mural and grab some chalk. Most important, Tomatoes and/or Mr. Tomatoes post your progress and finished mural, to your social media, and please tag them @pasadenachalkfestival on Instagram! What fun! This virtual festival plans to capture as many of your mural images as possible for posting on their official website for all to see and enjoy all year long. For those who may have difficulty posting on social media the official photographer, Brian Biery, will be able to make some limited house calls. Woo Hoo! Get the Chalk ready!

Huntington Gardens

LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

You can add a pretty major garden to your list of beautiful gardens that are open for visits, Tomatoes. My absolute favorite, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino, has once again open its doors.  Yahoo!!! My heart is leaping with joy!

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens reopened on June 17 for Members who now have access to the grounds with advance tickets.  I might just have to become a member, Tomatoes.  But wait…for it…Non-Members only have to wait till July 1 to visit. And Non- Members can book advance tickets on Sunday June 28 at 9am.  I suggest you put that date & time in big red letters in your calendar, so you can enjoy that stunning garden sooner than later.  High touch parts of the garden will remain closed as well as the indoor buildings.  And in July and August there will be free entry for special evening hours.  Yippee! Don’t forget Tomatoes to put June 28th in your calendar.

Millions of girls are facing amplified threats to their health and safety because of COVID-19. Now more than ever, we must unite to support the most vulnerable among us. Tickets start at $25.

Wednesdays & Saturdays Zoom into Wine

LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

Zoom into Wine is a new, FREE online tasting event hosted by wine expert and educator Ian Blackburn.  Each week, they spotlight a different wine category, with stories of different wines, brands, grapes, history and insights. What’s not to like, Tomatoes?!

Zoom into Wine and Merchant of Wine’s mission is to improve the wine culture in Los Angeles and to remain as leaders in the wine entertainment space.  As I said…what’s not to like when you have events such as “Zoom into Chardonnay & Fried Chicken” on Wednesday June 24 or “Zoom into Chocolate & Red Wine.”

Oh, so yummy and tasty! And the list of Zoom into Wine meetings goes on every Wednesday and Saturday.  WineLA have hosted tastings and educational seminars for over 20 years and now Zoom into Wine allows this to continue, Tomatoes. 

June 19 Peterson’s Auto Museum

LA LIFE: Juneteenth, Chalk, Gardens, Zoom Wine, Autos

Today, Tomatoes, the Peterson’s Automotive Museum reopens to the public with over 400 of the rarest and most iconic vehicles from all throughout history on display, just in time for Father’s Day. If you don’t adore cars, perhaps the Dads in your life will. 

Even I, not particularly a car aficionado, do love these impressive & unique motorcars.  And definitely, it is the perfect Father’s Day experience.  On June 11, 1994, Margie and Robert E. Petersen fulfilled a longtime dream when they founded the Petersen Automotive Museum, donating $5 million to the Los Angeles County National History Museum. Today, the Petersen Automotive Museum stands independently as the nation’s premiere automotive museum, serving hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This museum has quite a story and, Tomatoes, the museum will make you love anything on wheels. 

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