LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees

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Getting ready for Turkey Day and need a new stove for the holidays… or any appliance for that matter? Well many say The Weiler Group Appliance Outlets have some of the best deals in town. And for something different, how about a night in the city camping under the stars? Now is a good time to plant and Tree People are offering tours to inspire you. The Redcat is presenting a cultural history of our beautiful city. And I have 3 little words for you…Guinea… Pig… Rescue.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, redcat, the three tomatoesLost Los Angeles

Archivist, filmmaker and UC Santa Cruz associate professor Rick Prelinger is the co-founder of Prelinger Library, an independent research library in San Francisco, which houses historical periodicals, maps and books. Redcat, is considered “The gold standard of the avant garde in LA” by the Huffington Post, and it seems the perfect venue to screen Prelinger’s  interactive “urban history” presentation, Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles.  L.A.’s past and present is revealed through vintage home movies, educational films, and newsreels from Prelingers archives. Sounds like a journey tomatoes.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, lost la, the three tomatoesThe Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) is an interdisciplinary contemporary arts center for innovative visual, performing and media arts located in downtown Los Angeles inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex. Each season REDCAT presents a far-reaching roster of work by globally renowned artists, inside one of the most versatile and technologically advanced presentation spaces in the world.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, the three tomatoesDiscounted Appliances

Acclaimed by many, including “Bargains LA” Appliance Outlet Group (aka The Weiler Group) is known to have some of the best discounted deals in LA for top quality appliances. It’s a true bargain store gem in the San Fernando Valley. So that’s my humble shopping tip this week. If any of your vitally important appliances are on the fritz you might want to consider a visit to this outlet before the holidays are upon us. What a nightmare if the stove or refrigerator kick the bucket on Thanksgiving Day just before your guests arrive.  Just sayin’ gals.

You really can save loads of money here if you don’t mind a ding or scratch.  And it is a family run and operated business that aims to please. That is always a plus to me. Basically they sell luxury appliances at discount prices with great deals for all tomatoes.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, city stars, the three tomatoesNov. 21. City Stars

Camping downtown in the City and Under The Stars …really? Yes really. This urban adventure is being brought to you by “Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority”. You can enjoy nature downtown safely, from evening till the next morning, at Vista Hermosa Natural Park with naturalists on hand to guide you.  There is limited space so you will want to get on the list right away.  If you like camping this should be a new enlightening outdoor experience tomatoes.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, tree people, the three tomatoesNov. 21, Dec. 5, 12, 19. Tree People Drought Solutions Tour and Native Plant Walk

Fall like weather, shorter days and cooler temps makes it an optimum time to plant and Tree People is offering several weekend events to help you get started on adding drought tolerant solutions to your yards. So get your native plant and water-saving groove on this fall with the “Drought Solutions Tour and Native Plant Walk“. It will be full of beauty and inspiration for making a big difference in our environment.

LA Life: Lost LA, Pigs, Camping, Outlets, Trees, guinea pig rescue, the three tomatoesGuinea Pig Rescue

Can’t help myself… I just had to mention this because when I saw this I was floored.  My very first pet, here in Los Angeles, was a guinea pig named Phebil.  Precious Phebil.  Lived 8 years and we were devastated when he died.  So I have a special place in my heart for guinea pigs and, yes, there is a very special one-of-a- kind place in LA that comes to the rescue of guinea pigs in need.

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