LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

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LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

There’s no doubt that we all love our beautiful and wonderfully diverse LA, isn’t that right, Tomatoes! So, it is appropriate that the Music Center is highlighting the work of the amazing artists residing here with For the Love of LA. Skirball Stages is super and has a super cool digital global concert for you, Tomatoes. Got a pet story? If you’ve adopted a pet from LA Animal Services, you can help them in a big way. Get ready for the joyful virtual celebration; Celebration of Black Joy- 10th Day of the Ancestors: Festival of Masks. And now is a good time to think about your passion and purpose, the topic of this week’s Happy Hour Podcast.

August 29.  Skirball Stages

LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

Skirball Stages brings the first of their free digital streaming events this season to you, Tomatoes. The series premiere features the LA native Gavin Turek and Seoul native Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) who will fill your Tomato home with a lively celebration of freedom and fun.

It’s exciting evening of a globe-spanning engaging concert virtually and starring these fantastic women artists: Gavin Turek entertaining us from Los Angeles and ADGY from Seoul Korea. Ain’t that something, Tomatoes?! And you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home. 

In support of ongoing county-wide efforts to safeguard the community from COVID-19, the Skirball presents Skirball Stages, instead of Sunset Concerts as in past summers, as a virtual program for music fans across LA and well beyond. Skirball Stages also expresses support of the artist community. ADG7 had been booked to kick off the 2020 Sunset Concerts season, and the Skirball honors that commitment as the band plays from a Skirball Stage in Seoul. Gavin Turek, from LA’s own performing arts world, was filmed in the Taper Courtyard in compliance with all safety protocols to keep the musicians and crew safe. During this extraordinary time, when opportunities to perform on stage are rare, Skirball Stages is an occasion to celebrate and champion global artistry and live performance. So, celebrate by joining in, Tomatoes.

Now-Till Oct 27. For the Love of L.A.

LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

On August 11th, The Music Center introduced For the Love of L.A., a newly curated digital series program on a virtual platform, designed to celebrate the creativity of Los Angeles and to support L.A.-based artists. And Los Angeles has so much creativity to show off, Tomatoes. 

This series will “show off” more than 35 L.A. eminent artists by providing them a platform to express their views of Los Angeles that are relevant and reflective of our current time with commissioned and original artwork representing the disciplines of music, dance, visual culture and more.  To achieve this wonderful program, The Music Center partnered with numerous partners from the L.A. arts and culture community to serve as guest curators, who each identified local artists and then worked with them.  That’s how The Music Center and LA rolls, Tomatoes. 

LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

In this week’s podcast, Kim Selby, our SF Editor has a wonderful conversation with Genevieve Piturro, founder of the non-profit “Pajama Program” that donates new pj’s to children in shelters awaiting foster care. Her delightful new book just launched, and it is perfect for this time of isolation. Purpose, Passion and Pajamas – How to transform your life, Embrace the human connection and Lead with meaningLISTEN IN.

Deadline Sept. 23.  Holiday Wishes Pet Stories

LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

LA Tomatoes can help Los Angeles Animal Services to earn a $100,000 life-saving grant award from the Petco Foundation by sharing your story about a pet you have adopted from them to Petco’s Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign.  You can directly brighten the lives of the homeless pets within the LA Animal Service Shelters. Yep you can!

Just share your story of how your adopted pet from a LA city shelter has made your life better by September 23rd and be a part of helping LA Animals Services win up to a $100K grant! It is so easy to write about your beloved pet, Tomatoes!

August 30. A Virtual Celebration of Black Joy: Festival of Masks

LA LIFE: Love for LA, Skirball Stages, Pet Stories, Festival of Masks

LA Commons, a Community Getty Partner, will host the Celebration of Black Joy – Tenth Annual Day of the Ancestors: Festival of Masks at the Leimert Park Artwalk, Tomatoes. A virtual celebration of joy with an international selection of artists from Los Angeles and across the African diaspora. And it is free and will definitely be entertaining and uplifting, Tomatoes.

Artists from Los Angeles, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Curaçao, and Zambia will come together with the people of Leimert Park and beyond to define the neighborhood and honor their ancestors to uncover the power of Black joy as resistance. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, Tomatoes, to learn about and witness people of African descent coming together to connect with ancient wisdom and to showcase the power of black joy and highlight the remarkable artists and their work that bring hope, solidarity and insight. This program has always been so very important, but it has never been more important than it is today, Tomatoes.

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