LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

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LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

Are you still reeling every time you write or say “2020?” Well, take comfort because Los Angeles is wondrously gorgeous this time of year with great things happening. Experience a one-of-a-kind lecture with an Emmy award winning storyteller at the LA Zoo.  Celebrate film star Marion Davies’ birthday in vintage style. Time to loosen your belts to get your fill of LA’s most enticing food with the Winter Edition of DineLA. There’s a highly anticipated revolutionary exhibition at the USC’s Asia Pacific Museum.  And did you know just getting a simple little thing called a Library Card will open the world of museums to you?

January 25. Ron Magill at the LA Zoo

LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

Ron Magill, five-time Emmy winner, renowned storyteller, wildlife photographer and Goodwill Ambassador, is making a special appearance at the L.A. Zoo! Ya Hoo! You might have seen him on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Late Show, CBS’ This Morning, Dateline, to name just few. I’m bubbling with excitement that LA Tomatoes will have the chance to meet him in person, get expert tricks and tips, see and hear Ron Magill in action. Good Gracious, aren’t we lucky!

He has worked with Wildlife for 40 years, and will be sharing his Life’s work as well as his expertise as wildlife photographer with visitors. That could be you, Tomatoes. There are two options: The “VIP Photo Walk and Talk” from 9am-1pm and assigned seating for the “Photo Talk” from 1-3pm. Check out the tickets and the options, Tomatoes. 

Ron Magill’s work has appeared in publications and galleries around the world, including the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Ron hopes his images will help inspire an appreciation for wildlife, along with efforts to protect it for generations to come. He believes photography is his greatest tool in conveying the importance of conservation and nature. The Zoo Miami Goodwill Ambassador & Communications Director is a wildlife expert, television personality, educator, and activist. As the official wildlife expert for Good Morning America and Nikon USA Ambassador, Ron has inspired a sense of conservation awareness in fans across the globe. Who knows when you’ll get the opportunity to hang with an Emmy winning photographer and documentary producer with his sensibilities again, Tomatoes?  Hint, Hint!

Feeling Burned Out?

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Feeling burnout after the holidays or just in general? Listen in to SF editor, Kim Selby’s in-depth conversation with author, energy healer and Holistic Registered nurse, Jennifer Marcenelle.  You will learn how Jennifer healed herself from extreme burnout (a health crisis and near suicide) and turned her life around after working for many years as a critical care nurse and a top executive in a medical sales company. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Jan 26. Happy Birthday Marion

LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

Heads up Tomatoes.  It’s free but you need to register soon if you want to attend.The Annenberg Beach House and the Santa Monica Conservancy is celebrating Marion Davies, silent film actress, famed party hostess and the original Beach House resident Gold Coast Style. Marion Davies would be 123 years young if she were still here.  Wow, can you believe it?! Happy Birthday Marion! Tomatoes are in store for a marvelous time with music, dancing, stories and a slice of the past. Yippee!

Time for Tomatoes to dig through their closets for their vintage Gold Coast Era attire as Marion Davies was famed for her costume parties.  And this is super cool Gals. There will be a screening of MGM’s “Peg o’ My Heart” from 1933 , produced by and starring none other than Marion Davies accompanied by an intro by film historian Elaina Friedrichsen. So you don’t miss out Tomatoes reservations are suggested.

Jan 17 –31. Dine LA

LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

Nothing like starting the New Year with incredible food and a very satisfied tummy. And the winter edition of DineLA 2020 is starting with new restaurants, new world class chefs and new scrumptious tasting menus, Tomatoes. The 15 new restaurants are on the seemingly endless list of the city’s finest eateries participating this year.  Sounds delightfully divine Tomatoes!

The Los Angeles Dining Scene is continuing to thrive and grow, Tomatoes.  It’s your chance to think global and eat local with DineLA’s Restaurant Week exclusive lunch and dinner menus and deals! Time to book your reservations and let the delish tasting begin!

Jan 10- April 26. Oscar Oiwa: Dreams of a Sleeping World

LA LIFE: Marion, Zoo Talk, DineLa, Discover & Go, Dreams

One of the most anticipated new exhibitions of 2020 just blows my mind away Tomatoes. The USC Pacific Asia Museum, one of only 4 institutions in the US, unveiled a dome of supreme artistic vision where the tools used by the creator was… a Sharpie…or…Sharpies, 120 of them to be exact. Wow oh Wow, Tomatoes!

nd this work of art asks an important question, “What do we do when we are paralyzed by the chaos of our times?” As you enter this 360-degree large scale immersive installation with illustrations drawn with Sharpies by the artist Oiwa and  his 4 assistants you can stare up at the dome and the breathtaking illustrations from the comfort of a bed placed in the middle, Tomatoes, and further consider what “Dreams of a Sleeping World says to you. 

Places I Remember by Lea Lane

A wonder travel memoir and a beautiful coffee table book too. Get the book.

Discover and Go

What’s “Discover and Go” you might ask? Well, the program allows everyone, including Tomatoes, the ability to explore the wonderful world of LA museums, attractions and cultural institutions for free or at a low-cost rate. How? All it takes is a mere Los Angeles library card. Cross my heart, Tomatoes. Go forth and discover!

Tomatoes simply MUST get a library card! I insist. It’s so easy. You can do apply for your library card online or in person at your local library.   I want you lovely ladies to enjoy all the cultural richness of our wonderful museums, science centers, zoos, and theatres for free or with a low-cost pass.  If money is tight for you Tomatoes, there is so much take advantage of in our beautiful city once you have that small but mighty library card.

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