LA LIFE: MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

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LA LIFE:  MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

With the heinous assault on our US Capitol last week, and the stunning number of lives lost to the virus nationwide and in Los Angeles, it was a challenge to put together a newsletter this week. So, I think it is important to acknowledge the pain and shock we are all feeling and remember that, as Tomatoes, if we stand strong and vigilant together there is nothing we can’t face and overcome. In my first newsletter of 2021 and my 7-year anniversary writing The Three Tomatoes LA Life Newsletter, I wanted to reach out to each and every LA Tomato Subscriber and give you a much-needed virtual hug and my very grateful thanks for your support the last 7 years.  I truly believe better days are ahead in 2021.

With the Martin Luther King Holiday upon us, here are some ways to celebrate its timely significance. I also have a few other suggestions like a virtual Art Talk, a Dance Workshop and a Theatre event, and the 3T Feb. FREE book event, to help brighten your days, Tomatoes. And check out this week’s podcast – it’s all about how words matter.

January 18.  Martin Luther King Day

LA LIFE:  MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

Martin Luther King Day is a day to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and it is remarkably the only national holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage volunteering.  Though the celebrations are different this year, The California African American Museum (CAAM) will still provide a day immersed in art, culture and community with a virtual festival, Tomatoes.

You can enjoy a variety of programs and activities for all ages, a panel about his legacy, family art workshops, and a musical welcome with members of the Inner-City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA), the largest majority Black orchestra in America to kick off the virtual celebration.  An awesome way to remember and honor the day, Tomatoes.

January 17.  Art Talk

LA LIFE:  MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

Internationally acclaimed artist and USC Art Professor Ruth Weisberg takes a Zoom audience inside the paintbox of her mind and shares highlights and inspirations from her career at a new “Art Talk” event from The Braid, Tomatoes.  And this renowned artist is a Tomato!

The Braid (formerly Jewish Women’s Theatre) will be showing off its first-ever Zoom Art Talk, during an in-depth interview by Wendy Klier with renowned artist Ruth Weisberg.  I’ll say it again…it’s a first. If you are an art lover, take a break to enjoy this enlightening and inspirational event, Tomatoes.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

Listen in here.

January 16 and 23.  Dance from the Heart Intro Workshop

LA LIFE:  MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

In these extraordinarily challenging times, dance can be so healing and rejuvenating. I have always loved dancing because it allows me to free and express myself and, yes, relieve tension.  So, I’m suggesting you give the virtual “Dance from the Heart Intro Workshop” a try, Tomatoes.

Brought to you by the Critical Mass Dance Company, which I’ve mentioned previously, For those that might feel hesitant to try this class or feel they do not have the experience, the Dance from the Heart Intro Workshop is a chance in a very supportive environment to gain confidence and if you choose you can continue on next month in the Company’s regular Dance from the Heart classes.  This introductory workshop is a great way to express how you’re feeling through movement, release stress, connect to your own inner wisdom and embody your hopes & dreams for the new year with other like-minded spirits. Sound good, Tomatoes? I might just see you there.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Book Club

Through February 7. Citizen Detective

LA LIFE:  MLK Day, Art Talk, Dance, Citizen Detective, Conversations, Books

Called “A Playful, Slightly Sinister New Zoom Experience” by the New York Times, “Citizen Detective” looks like a delightfully fun and intriguing escape. Tomatoes can put their detective skills to the test in this very popular virtual show as you become the sleuths in an unsolved 1920’s Hollywood Murder Mystery.  I would love to pretend to be a Private Eye!

The highly successful zoom show from the Geffen Theatre mixes theater, mystery and collaborative code breaking. Guided by best-selling true crime author and investigator Mickie McKittrick, you and your fellow detectives will uncover the evidence and follow the clues, altering the course of the show every night. Nothing better than a murder mystery, Tomatoes.

Get the book.

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