LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, Whales

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The Three Tomatoes LA is delighted to announce we are presenting “The IGNITE YOUR MOJO Tour” in February. Gift bags and our fun event will make you even more “Mojolicious”, Tomatoes! Eve Brandsteins’ Poetry in Motion presents “Herstory” an all-female evening of women’s poetry and stories.  Speaking of women what could be a better way to celebrate than a special showing of “The Women” at The Egyptian. It’s whale migration season and you can celebrate at the “Whale Fiesta” with no sea sickness, and its free.  That’s not all that is free. There is an awesome evening of arts, culture and entertainment at the “Night on Broadway” party in DTLA.  Yeah!

February 24. Ignite Your Mojo

LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, Whales

Hey LA Tomatoes! Join Deborah Kagan, Mojo Recovery Specialist, me and other FAB women at “The Ignite Your Mojo Tour” Pasadena event which is presented by The Three Tomatoes LA and powerhouse Deborah Kagan. We will ply you with delish food and drinks in a beautiful home, with a motivating workshop for living a “Turned On” life, gift bags with great stuff and a few surprises. It’s going to be a rockin’ time Tomatoes so get your tickets now.  Would love to see you all!

Deborah Kagan helps women conquer self-doubt and indecision to step into their full power, love who they are and live a “turned on” life. Deborah is the creator of the Rock Your Mojo™ programs and the author of “Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life”. Deborah is a popular speaker and has been interviewed on shows such as KTLA Morning News and Dr. Drew Midday Live. Find her socially on all platforms for more MOJO.

January 27.  Night on Broadway

LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, WhalesThe “Night on Broadway” celebration returns taking over a mile stretch of historic Broadway with hundreds of creative and super talented performers  on the streets and Broadway stages  with a ton of vendors and food trucks. Something for everyone at this street party all about LA Tomatoes. And did I say it’s free ladies?

Night on Broadway” has been said to be ‘a love letter to Los Angeles’ and the fastest-growing one day arts and music festival in North America. “Night on Broadway” celebrates the anniversary of Huizar’s “Bringing Back Broadway initiative”, a plan that has spearheaded revitalization along the historic Broadway corridor in DTLA. Part of that history is the simple fact that Broadway in Downtown was the birthplace of LA’s entertainment mecca. “Night on Broadway” celebrates its history, as well as, celebrating Broadway’s bright future that is uniquely LA.

January 28.  Bullocks Wilshire Lecture and Screening of The Women

LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, WhalesDo you LA Tomatoes remember the store “Bullocks Wilshire”?  I do! Not only did the department store clothe such celebrities as Mae West and Marlene Dietrich, the building is considered an Art Deco gem. Award-winning author Margaret Leslie Davis will give a one hour presentation on the legendary department store, followed by a book signing and screening of classic 1939 film “The Women”. Wow Tomatoes!

 This super duper jam packed event will happen at the beautiful Egyptian Theatre which is the perfect venue for the “Presentation on Bullocks Wilshire & Screening of “The Women”. Current Art Deco Society Members will get free admission to this special event with RSVP. The program will be open to the public for $12. Tickets online on Fandango or at the box office.

February 3.  Herstory

LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, WhalesEve Bransteins’ “Poetry in Motion” Hollywood Literary Salon is simply maaarvelous Tomatoes. Poetry in Motion will be presenting “Herstory”.  A night of great high quality original women’s poetry and stories with all women performing is perfect timing after the successful Women’s March. Not just anyone can perform…you must be invited. Methinks this event is a wonderful way to celebrate the spoken word and Women Tomatoes! Get tickets.

I’m so excited to be attending and I hope to see you there gals.  Eve Brandstein, well-known major studio & network executive of the highest caliber, Norman Lear’s casting director, a professional director, working writer, perpetual poet & fine artist, started “Poetry in Motion” in 1988 where, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, she presents an eclectic array of writers from the literary and Hollywood communities.  Since then she has presented original work from some of the entertainment industry’s most remarkable talents both before and after they became well known. Poetry in Motion has long been known as a warm “well lighted place” for creative minds at every stage of their artistic and professional development. Each event offers an evening of great entertainment and creative community with artists at every level and in every media.  

Whale Fiesta  LA LIFE: Your Mojo, Herstory, The Women, Broadway, Whales

Each year, about 20,000 Pacific Gray Whales make an epic 6,000 mile journey between Alaska  – to their feeding and mating grounds in the Bering Sea and Mexico. It’s one of the most incredible migrations on the planet Tomatoes. You can celebrate this migration at “The Whale Fiesta” co- sponsored by Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Cetacean Society. It’s certainly a way for Tomatoes to enjoy the season without boarding a boat.

More than 20 marine life organizations will exhibit and provide information about their efforts to raise awareness and provide protection for these animals. While gray whales get the spotlight along the California coast, there are other cetaceans, including orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, dolphins, and gigantic blue whales, living and thriving in our waters at different times of year.

Throughout the day expert Cabrillo Whale Watch naturalists will give talks on various marine mammals. While there, you should also check out the Aquarium’s Exploration Center, Aquatic Nursery and the Library. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a great destination for all ages any time of year.


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