LA LIFE: Night Market, Fruit Park, Wealth, Dazzling Frogs

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Breathtaking summer views abound in Los Angeles! One such view is the Yamashiro Mountain Palace in Hollywood. The romantic “Yamashiro Wednesday Night Market” is back and you don’t want to miss this hilltop summer tradition, Tomatoes. There’s a brand-new park in Culver City tomatoes with fruit tree galore and more for all to enjoy. And yes, frogs can be dazzling especially at the Aquarium of the Pacific. A new exhibit “Generation Wealth” at the Annenberg, gives you the skinny on the drive to be filthy rich.  If I was filthy rich I would give you fab Tomatoes everything your heart desires.  For now, just have a wonderful week, ladies.

Now – September 6. Yamashiro Night Market.

LA LIFE: Night Market, Fruit Park, Wealth, Dazzling Frogs 

The stunning and historical Yamashiro Palace serves as the backdrop for the Night, hosted by Enriched Farms, just as it did for many films and TV shows in the past.  With its sky-high overlook, incredible views and awesome architecture, the market is an amazing place to spend summer evenings tasting delish prepared food, sip cocktails with live entertainment and peruse a mixture of other artisan items. You must check out the 600- year-old Pagoda ladies!

Plus, there’s no entrance fee ladies!  “There is no other market like this in LA,” says Joseph Toledo, co-founder of Enriched Farms. “This year is different because we’ve made this more of an event. We have stopped bringing food trucks, (and) we have brought in some fresh new vendors.” Although the market is small, it makes up for it in quality and uniqueness. You can sit on any outside table to enjoy the music and the amazing city night view. You don’t have to worry about parking ladies.  The parking is plentiful with a shuttle to the location. Sounds like a no-brainer to me tomatoes.

Fruit Park 

LA LIFE: Night Market, Fruit Park, Wealth, Dazzling Frogs

The new “Stoneview Nature Center” is a 5-acre urban garden sanctuary park that focuses on health, art and the environment.  The fruit trees were planted by the local art collective “Fallen Fruit”  which gives Tomatoes and their families the opportunity to pick their own fruit. There’s even a Bee Hotel! That’s pretty darn cool ladies.

Stoneview’s vegetable garden is  producing tomatoes; the berry patch has ripe black and blue berries; and their resident quail flock lays a few eggs every day. Take a walk along the sanctuary paths or the Meditation Labyrinth. Need some exercise? There are also several public exercise apparatuses around the park. Besides the fruit trees, there are beautiful native plants to enjoy and plenty of lovely places to sit to take it all in.  There is certainly a lot this new park offers the Baldwin Hills community tomatoes.

Now to August 13. Generation Wealth

LA LIFE: Night Market, Fruit Park, Wealth, Dazzling Frogs “I hope it provokes thought. I hope it provides a little perspective into where we are in our culture and makes people think about value and values.” so says, Lauren Greenfield, filmmaker and photographer, who has spent 25 years documenting our culture’s obsession with wealth.  “Generation Wealth” is on display at the Annenberg Space for Photography. It’s all about the influence of affluence tomatoes.

“Generation Wealth” examines the last 25 years of the globalization of materialism, celebrity culture and social status while exploring how “keeping up with the Joneses” has become “keeping up with the Kardashians”. The exhibit boasts 200 prints and 42 video interviews done by Greenfield shining a significant light between what we want and what we can afford. Are we obsessed with wealth or do we just want to be wealthy…to have more?  Methinks this is definitely something to ponder and this exhibit will help you do just that tomatoes. And it just might be fun to see how the billionaires live gals.

Now – March 2018. Dazzling Frogs

LA LIFE: Night Market, Fruit Park, Wealth, Dazzling FrogsI’m croaking in Tomatoes to give our precious frogs a “shout out”. Not only are they dazzling and wild, with a wonderful spring in their step (tee hee!) But, sadly they are also disappearing. The Aquarium of the Pacific is bringing awareness to the adorable and entertaining factor of these precious creatures, their importance to the environment and the vital need of frog conservation.  Ribbit…ribbit…what a lovely sound gals.

“We hope to bring awareness to frog conservation efforts through this exhibit,” said Claire Atkinson, senior manager of communications. “Due to black-market trade, habitat destruction and an amphibian fungal disease, frogs are going endangered faster than most animals.” Who knew frogs were so colorful, beautiful and essential.  The exhibit traces the history of amphibians, their life cycles, the different environments they live in from deserts to rainforests, the diversity of species, and their surprisingly uncertain future.  It will make you a frog fan like this tomato.  I’m seriously thinking of adopting a frog ladies.

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